Polo Top – Courtesy of Uniqlo, Polkadot Dress – Graduation dress by Zara, Belt – JHYoo, Bag – Mum’s, Vest – Geiger, Shoes – River Island, Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters

Thank you Agata and Oliwia for the photos!

Here’s another Uniqlooks look – yarh, it’s meant to be a monthly thing but with the frequency of my posting lately it looks like every other post is about the project… well good thing I love Uniqlo to death. Have I been paid to say this? – Do unicorns glow in the dark? We’ll never know. No, to keep this clear and on the records, I am indeed being compensated for this project. Le anyways. I know it’s hard to see, but the dress is actually halterneck and did an amazing job not covering my chest at my highschool graduation (thank you, dress), and the top is a simple polo shirt. Can you see, the dots are blue on the shirt and white on the dress. HA, this should’ve been a competition, I know how we all love giveaways! (puke). Had I remembered that I had this dress, and had I known I’d be stuck in Poland for weeks more than expected (not that it’s a bad thing), I probably would’ve asked for a different colour for ‘styling’ purposes… but I told you here anyway so only those who read my sacred blurbs will know of the secret of the dress, which is, hidden in plain sight.

So we all see now what happens when we try convincing sequins out of Ashish, he lets the wardrobe-moths loose. I must credit the man though, for the sweet juxtaposition of painstaking sequin application with casual destructed knit. I don’t know why, but I always say “meh” after his shows and then go home to find myself growing to love each of the pieces over time. It’s probably a sign that I take things too seriously and thinking that the only things that will ‘grow on me’ are bacteria and hair. I was going to say boobs but we all know… anyway. The spiderwebbed knees were quite the random and sometimes I couldn’t tell if the model was a dude or a dudess, but on hindsight sequins on colourful plaid was a real delight amidst the sea of ‘serious’ that reigned this season’s catwalks.

This post is embarrassingly late, but I wanted to thank Glacéau Vitamin Water and Exposure PR for arranging the amazing front-row ticket.

Glacéau vitaminwater is the official soft drink supplier to London Fashion Week – keeping fashionistas hydrated all week long. Facebook page;

With the lovely Harel and Joanna (Style Digger)

Areta’s Jill Sander-esque shopper bag from H&M

Dress – Bohoboco, Shoes – River Island, Zipper dress – H&M, Orange/Furry bag – ASOS; Matte Yellow nail polish by Inglot; Thank you Areta for the outfit shots!

I’d expected this visit home to be short and sweet, thick and firm, opaque and gooey…whatever, but today marked the third week since I arrived straight after fashion week. That opaque and gooeyness has now thinned out into texture of watery old lotion and I’m looking at

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still another two weeks here. Worst thing about this is that both my parents have left to Korea and the whole sense of home is a sanctuary has been perverted into home is a SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. Although it’s not exactly that I don’t have anything to do, the fact that I’m here alone fending for myself is just very foreign. AND THE BOREDOM, wow. Yesterday I put together an outfit and ended up just checking the mailbox. So this MaxMara event that Joanna invited me along came at a good time, I had just started to greet my reflection.

I personally love MaxMara – not butt-kissing (whose lucky butt?) or anything but it’s been my mum’s favourite brand and at times like this when you pack for a week’s journey and end up staying a month, you really start appreciating your mum’s taste. After, a dinner with Harel, Joanna and A helped recharge my social bar, I think I can last another three weeks with this if I do enough ‘call neighbour’ and ‘chat online’… if not, I can always try going steady with the social bunny. I promise I haven’t been playing the Sims.

In love with midi dresses this season.

Coat – Anywho x Kobra, Shirt & Navy Bag – Courtesy of Stylesofia, Cargo Boyfriend-fit Pants – Courtesy of Uniqlo, Furry Bag – ASOS, Necklace – Ek Thongprasert courtesy of Olive Shoppe, Shoes – Office, Scarf – Scottish Highlands store

I call that the CSI find piece of nail clipping amidst a huge field of branches that eventually solves homicide and identifies an illegitimate child that happens to be the son of the protagonist pose. Quick, bring me some magnifying glasses, there’s an ant. (TO LOOK AT, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, you horrible person) Something about the weather today made it feel like we’re going Benjamin Button on the seasons, these shots could easily be from late autumn. Here’s the second instalment of Uniqlooks with boyfriend-fit chino trousers, the ones where on Charlize Theron they reach just above her ankle but on me they require a gang of bridesmaids and pageboys to shuffle the train on each leg. Or just a mop.

On another note, look what my necklace can do!

Thank you to Yoo Kyung & Eun Hye (the 11 year-olds) for these shots!

Samsung Wave II, courtesy of Spreading Jam & Samsung

Shots from London Underground, LFW, home, home 2 (Warsaw), Freemasons’ Hall, Next HQ, airport, Topshop… etc

I think the reason I agreed to take part in the Samsung Now Project was predominantly the fact that the Wave II phone spoke Korean – what a novelty it was to be able to type in Korean to my friends (by friends I mean ramen bowls with eyes drawn on)…  later when I read the small print I noticed keywords like facebook, filters and competition… aych, them speedbumps are never visible at first glance. But alas, the only ‘speedbumps’ I let get in my way were my boobs while squeezing under the BFC camera at the PPQ show. For the past 2 months I’ve been putting the Canon to bed early and going out with the Wave II to snap some ‘Now‘ moments. Then I’d come home, jazz it up with a filter equivalent of rabid racoons (Cute in essence, BUT VISUALLY SO WRONG) and putting it up on their Facebook gallery.

I think I was also meant to let you know the submission was open to everyone and 50 winners would have their photo displayed in the Design Museum, and the top 25 were to win handsets… but I think there was some selective reading on my part.  No, this post is just severely delayed, you can see by the fact the amount of time passed for me to have caught shots from the air, from underground, from London, from Warsaw, from a fashion show, from a spaghettihouse… a week more and I would have managed to capture a shot from inside the British embassy in Warsaw. An arrest might’ve been the highlight of the week.

Unfortunately the competition is now closed, sorry :(
Also, bit of an irony that this Samsung Wave II post landed on top of the tsunami post, uncomfortable occasion to find a pun…