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There was a time not so long ago, when even the most deafening fire alarm could not stir me from deep slumber, but a low-pitched ‘doink’ could have me jumping out of bed and into the most lucid state of mind within seconds. Said doink, would be from eBay, notifying the broke 20-year-old the ‘barely used Chloé block heels’ was ending in ten minutes and basically initiating intranet war between myself and three strangers across the country. The ensuing nine minutes I’d be a general, brooding over the red missile launch switch while the others paced in their own respective war cabinets and waited. Then one novice player would put in the first bid and all hell would break loose, and we’d battle, 5 pence at a time, until the very last second when I’d take the plunge of bidding way over my budget and win a new, old pair of Chloe block heels. I’d say yay, maybe cackle, and go take another nap before the ‘used-once Alexander Wang bucket bag’ would doink me up.

Point is, it was my pre-loved goods haven – high street or designer, my post-adolescent pocket money was put to efficient (?) use. Plus it taught me life lessons (don’t mess with Celine ‘watchers’). While over the years I’ve ventured into more current-season goods, eBay has always been my refuge for timeless pieces like Burberry trench coats… and more so these days, knitting supplies and home DIY solutions. My barndoor-cum-tabletop originates from eBay, par example, which cost me a fraction of what I’d have paid for one at a store. So I thought I’d share some of the things I always keep tabs on, and with their new Collections functionality it makes it much easier to sort them into little squirrel stashes… although, prepare to fight me for a couple of these – you’ve been warned.

A few suggestions:

1/ City Stomper
For the city dwellers and those with super duper important daytime affairs


2/ Treehouse Fantasy
interior hacks and quick little upgrades to your nest


3/ Knit, purl and
everything in between
…like dropped stitches and lost patience


4/ Forever Classics
stuff for you and your great-grand children


I’ve also added collections with themes: Travel, first date, gadgets, fashion DIY tools, and seasonals so do check those out as well!


Indigo Pearl resort, Phuket



Bonheur ‘Serenite’ lace dress



Thu Thu Carbon cobblestone shorts




Isabell de Hillerin silk petal skirt



Thu Thu Orangina blouse; Zoobeetle Paris-HK pouch


Svilu Gardenia pocket tee


Kaarem Phi sleeveless top; Thu Thu majorelle Sapa skort


Kaarem Phi sleeveless top; Thu Thu majorelle Sapa skort; Zoobeetle Paris-HK pouch


Feral Childe ghost shift dress



Thu Thu khaki culottes with sapa


Feral Childe ghost shift dress


Thu Thu khaki culottes; Bonheur Oiseaux lace top


Svilu Gardenia pocket tee


All linked clothes available at A Boy Named Sue shop

Say Thailand to me and I’ll still roll my head back and gurgle ERMAGHERD IT WAS AMAZONG at you. It’s been a month now and words still fail me when I try to describe the whole experience. Well, words fail me specifically today because it’s the time of the month and all I can do is pirate noises, but you get my gist, one hardly needs vowels when describing paradise…etc.

I know the timeline on this blog is completely off as we venture into yestermonths and tick off events from bottomless backlogs, so let me explain: last month Kit and I had a brief stint in Asia with e-shop A Boy Named Sue and Thailand was part TWO of this (Hong Kong being part one -watch this space). We arrived in pitch-black Phuket on the last flight out of HK, still trembling from the stress of barely having made it in time for the plane. Our suitcases – a hodgepodge repacking job done an hour before the flight – rolled us out of the airport. At 28 degrees (82F), the air was sweet, and I felt the knots in my shoulders melting away – my first Thai massage, right there.

Technically, Indigo Pearl Resort is not so dissimilar to many European resort models (i.e Forte Village Resort in Sardinia) in the sense that it’s a closed-off compound paradise, but essentially even the air was completely different, and the sun rose from… the East. OK maybe not that different. Over our two nights’ stay we routinely got lost within the resort, discovering magnificent little corners which we couldn’t find again unless by accident… but the way to breakfast was as clear as if we’ve been staying for months, and by the end of it sawadee ka was rolling off our tongues as if natives. All the while, the A Boy Named Sue resort lookbook was shot, between all the wrong turns, the random dips in various pools and whatnot. Stayed tuned for part two at the Racha!

Photography and editing by Park & Cube, photos of me by Kit Lee; Collaborative project with A Boy Named Sue.


Hotel Amour




‘Astralis’ exhibit at Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton

Børre Sæthre – Untitled (Arches of Solaris)


Jean-luc Favero – Stag-Transformed


Chloe Piene – Untitled (CB)

Park-and-Cube_LV-Andre-B_09 Park-and-Cube_LV-Andre-B_10

Dome-Vanity by Charley Case


Four Angels by Siobhan Hapaska


Damien Deroubaix – Astralis; Life; Death; South of Heaven; Time; Messaiah


Myriam Mechita


Art Oriente Objet – Not Yet

Park-and-Cube_LV-Andre-B_16 Park-and-Cube_LV-Andre-B_17


Rina Banerjee – A Mad Woman

Park-and-Cube_LV-Andre-B_18 Park-and-Cube_LV-Andre-B_19





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Cape – LV. Jeans – MiH Jeans. Heels – Kurt Geiger. Bag – LV Sophia Coppola. Luggage – LV. Watch – Daniel Wellington. Rings – Monica Vinader.

Paris and I got along famously as we reunited under the blessing of Louis Vuitton for a 24-hour-long fling in the middle of February, which was in fact a mere 2 days before the beginning of London Fashion Week and naturally a perfect escape before the hurdle. We arrived late morning to celebrate LV’s latest artist collaboration that once again brings the street onto silk – this time with Andre B and his beloved Mr A character (who I’m sure Parisians will have seen spray-sketched in many crevices around the city), tagged in zingy pink on a massive, soft shawl (more pics of this later).We set up camp in Hotel Amour – owned also by Andre (alongside the Le Baron clubs for those still unfamiliar), counted the number of explicit photos that were hanging in each of our rooms (three in mine, enough to get this old lady excited) and waited for dinner with the man himself.

Speaking of escape, I had a couple hours to burn before dinner and decided it was good a time as any to visit the Espace Culturel atop the LV flagship store on Champs Élysées. I don’t always have good ideas, so this one gets a special mention, because it’s definitely a must-go when in Paris. The current exhibit, ‘Astralis’ (available until May 11), brings together twelve artists that explore concepts behind celestial, elusive, and otherworldly themes prompting visitors to temporarily escape from their minds/bodies. Even numpties like me will understand and appreciate the curation, which – I won’t lie – is occasionally chilling/creepy. But then again I find the lack of nutella in the pantry chilling/creepy, so.

Many thanks to LV for the short but sweet journey.


A peek inside Adorn. (Pre-order here!)



ParkandCube_Adorn-Released_05 ParkandCube_Adorn-Released_04




Wearing: Camel coat – Club Monaco (Similar). Jeans – AG Jeans. Loafers – Hudson Shoes. Bag – L.K.Bennett ‘Rosamund’. Scarf – MiH Jeans. Shirt – Zara.

While it did cross my mind a couple times to use April Fools Day to joke that Adorn is actually just a cardboard box with a cover printed on my inkjet printer, we received the release date for the book from the publishers on that same week and my giggling/tittering set off some kind of record on the Richter scale… and like I do with all my jokes, I was afraid of blurting out the punchline in the midst of telling the joke. Yup, I was that kid that supremely sucked at playing hide-and-seek because I’d crawl under the bed and then giggle so much I’d need to pee. So now you understand why the April Fools joke wouldn’t have worked, it would’ve gone something like: Hey guys, we don’t really have a book coming out, it’s just a cardboard – OMG IT’S COMING OUT ON THE 7TH I NEED TO PEE.

It tickles me very much to finally announce, that  Adorn: 25 Stylish DIY Fashion Projects will be released on the 7th April (UK and Europe), 8th (Online & worldwide) at all major bookstores and online retailers. You can also pre-order one on Amazon if you still want the slurpy internet kisses laced with inappropriate jokes that may or may not earn me a lawsuit. Ah, so is love in the 21st Century.

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ParkandCube_Burberry-brit_0008 ParkandCube_Burberry-brit_0009







Wearing: Tank – Burberry. Jeans – DIY Slashed Supertrash. Boots – Thakoon. Jacket – Burberry. Ring – Charlotte Valkeniers. Imagse 7 and 14 from Burberry.

Automatically assuming the role of a nerd in a classic nerd vs. girl next door relationship, I stole glances at Suki through the mirror reflection for the whole evening. At times I let my hair curtain my eyes which meant I could count her eyelashes without giving off creepy vibes. Creepy vibes: Yes, that should be the title of this post. It was a casual evening out with the Burberry team, who had a couple of tickets to the Temples gig at the Empire and had rounded up a couple gals, myself and Suki Waterhouse included (wat.) Wholesome and unassuming, she turned out to be, and quick to laugh. She drew her eyes dark but kept her lips bare, her nails painted in a sort of black that seemed steely grey at times. Oozing with rockstar confidence yet surprisingly shy at times – a bit like a boy, actually. She smelt of the Burberry Brit Rhythm perfume when she kissed hello (yes I sniffed her), a bit of lavender but weighed down by a woody, musky tang – it suited her so well. The next bit I’m sure you all guessed, I stole a few spritzs on my own wrists before we headed out the door, like a true nerd that I am. So yes, this may or may not be an ode to a new girl crush. My husband approves, as long as he can watch.

Photos by Kris Atomic. Images 7 and 14 courtesy of Burberry.