Created for
William & Son
“million years ago”
Dress – Paul & Yakov. Diamond bracelet – William & Son MYA


“I’M HERE… TO SEE… MYA!”, I announce mid-wheeze as I crash into the Bruton Street boutique, fifteen minutes late to my meeting. Clemence, Head of Jewellery at William & Son, is actually who I’m meant to seek – the two names I’d confused in frenzy – but I am nevertheless led towards a cabinet displaying some of the most brilliant emerald pieces I’d ever seen. A discreet plaque discloses the collection name: MYA.

And what do you know, Clemence also happens to be sitting right behind the cabinet.

MYA is short for Millions Years Ago, and is a unit of measurement in geological terms to measure the age of a rock”, she explains. The collection pays homage to the origin and extraordinary journey of rare stones, the yellow brick road journey, so to speak, of a rock formation into the richest of emeralds and diamonds.


Diamond necklace & bracelet - William & Son MYA. Cashmere tube – Mandkhai. Jeans – Isabel Marant. Boots – Yuule Yie.


You really don’t see emeralds done like this. It’s never not set in some classic or ironically vintage mount, or worn in the most traditional manner. “The green appears more blue-ish in ethically sourced Zambian emeralds, especially in London’s grey lighting” she adds, and brings out a vintage piece from another cabinet (Columbian-sourced) for me to compare — I can’t even tell, and I’m even wearing new set of contacts for the month. I notice that the organic diamond ‘crusting’ is also actually an intricate pattern of oval and teardrop shaped diamonds. The emeralds may have been a happy relics of coincidental geologic events, but once in the hands of William & Son, evidently nothing is accidental.


Diamond necklace & bracelet - William & Son MYA.


The more I get to know about MYA, is that it hasn’t taken Million Years to ripen, to be worn with a cardigan-skirt combo or a classic evening gown. It’s aching to be in an unconventional story: to meet new characters at a pyjama party in East London, glow under lampshades of an ornate sitting room, and be paired over a cashmere tube top and 90’s denim.

And you know what they say, what happens at a Mile End pyjama party, stays in the East…




creative direction SHINI PARK assistant photographer & styling SIMON SCHMIDT lighting LANCE PENEZ runner ZANA WILLBERFORCE in collaboration with WILLIAM & SON





Skirt, tights & shoes – Erdem x H&M\



Erdem x H&M; shot at the London West Hollywood


art direction SHINI PARK photography assistance SIMON SCHMIDT in collaboration with ROGER&GALLET
le soin aura mirabilis
Inspired by ancestral beauty recipes and officinal galenics: a careful cocktail of precious ingredients selected for their virtues
cleanse, detox & revive; ParknCube_Roger-Gallet-Aura-Mirabillis-002 clarify; ParknCube_Roger-Gallet-Aura-Mirabillis-003 restore, correct and infuse radiance; ParknCube_Roger-Gallet-Aura-Mirabillis-004 even out with final layer ParknCube_Roger-Gallet-Aura-Mirabillis-013


What is our skin if not for the most elaborate (and diva – speaking of mine) personality on our body. No pancreas has ever pouted, or a kidney crossed its arms in complaint about how beautiful and moist it should be looking. Long time readers will know mine threw a coup during the latter half of my 20’s and decided to entirely mutate its ecosystem under a banner named ‘adult-onset eczema’. MAN, that was a pain to fix. Also, apologies for harping on about it for years.

In all honesty, I‘m grateful to even be able to share a skincare routine now; it means a lot to me to be able to present by a routine that has been tried, tested AND SUSTAINED. As with all things, stick to brands that promote natural, wholesome ideals of beauty: Roger&Gallet products are born of healing/natural remedies and precious ingredients are selected only for their virtues. Also, the entire range is relatively inexpensive, so makes for some great gifting ideas.

Here are some notes on personal results from the Aura Mirabilis range.


As much as I qualm about dry skin, I use this mostly to target my T-zone, which can get quite oily depending on diet and season. Massage until gel turns into oil (at which point the impurities are captured), then rinse with warm water. It visibly clears up pores for me when used gently every other day in the colder months.


Beauty Vinegar

Perfect for dry skin to refine skin texture and act as secondary cleansing using a cotton pad. My skin is quite sensitive and bone dry in the Winter months so I personally use it as a toner directly on skin and apply pressure to my face and neck. I‘ve noticed skin texture improving visibly after six weeks.


This is my favourite step: the most concentrated component of the range and what I feel the most effective when massaged in S-pattern on forehead and cheeks. I personally saw noticeable difference in transparency and radiance in my own skin. Tip: do splash out and use more than recommended – I promise your skin will soak it right up.


even & illuminate
legendary cream

Final ‘cashmere‘ layer to lock it all in, even out skin complexion and help increase cell turnover. I feel naked without it because it leaves such a comfortable touch to the skin. Plus, it contains Fleur de Lys extract that fights against redness and irritation, which helps maintain post-eczema* flare-ups.

*Not recommended to treat eczema. I recommend using fragrance-free remedial alternatives for flare-ups.

While this story is in collaboration with Roger&Gallet, all products have been personally tested and tried before the partnership for the sake of integrity.


photography SHINI PARK bts photography FRANCESCO PIZZO in collaboration with CAMPARI

As part of our specific, designated Monday morning duties, Simon delves into debriefing past week’s clients as Zana combs down and reshuffles the samples rail back into colour order*. I hover between tasks of the deadline variety, our coffees always a degree colder than desired at the first sip. There’s noticeably a bigger Grey chunk in the rails, winter must be arriving with the DHL man anytime now.

I take a bite into the preliminary edits from the Milan: Campari Red Diaries client folder, it’s been four weeks since the Skype briefing call with Costume Designer Diamante Cavalli and three since the campaign filming in Milan. One thing’s for sure: The Italians know a thing or two about Red. Like the Alfa Romeo Spider in The Graduate (1967), or the juicy tomato that garnish my Pizza Margherita dinner on the rooftop of Galleria Vittorio. Most of it’s in their humour though, rich and sarcastic, usually followed with hearty laughs and lots of hand gestures. ‘Alora, tweed and air conditioning to 15 degrees is London, si?’ She’d asked, and all I had to say was: si, Diamante, absolutely SI.

*works better than putting DVDs into colour coordination, as admonished by my husband whose analytical brain imploded on the notion of filing Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction next to Love Actually.


With director Stefano Sollima


The Campari Red Diaries filming spans five nights around Milan, I am the visiting fashion consultant on a special scene (to be revealed). By Wednesday – day Three – Director Stefano Sollima, Zoe Saldana, and 300-strong crew & cast are on full swing. I gush about Centre Stage to Zoe during a coffee break and she opens up like a flower. 20 minutes later her management is peeling her off our rather heated conversation on ballet, Puerto Rico and digital influence, then then she is ushered back into set to shoot. Zoe is a force of nature, Neytiri, Gamora or Lieutenant Uhura have nothing on her.




RIGHT with Costume Designer Diamante Cavalli


The film follows Mia Parc (Saldana) on another Campari Red Diaries ‘Legend of Red Hand’, following Clive Owen from last year. Not to mention previous Campari Calendar protagonists include Kate Hudson, Eva Mendez, Uma Thurma. It’s been a while since my first Campari celebration with Milla Jovovich in 2010; it was a very Italian ‘red’ affair then, and given the Saldana-grade gumption and Stefano’s storytelling potency, this one – released in 2018 – is also bound to be nothing less than vehement.

Zoe Saldana


Be the first to discover the full campaign over at the @CampariUK account. And of course, drink responsibly.


Created for
Officine Panerai




Before it ever dawned on me and by extension my immediate family, team and anyone who cared to listen on Twitter, that a runway show production is not remotely easy peasy (not even the lemon squeazy variety), I was aboard Eilean. Physically and figuratively; flying off the Minorcan port and promptly out of 4G (and IG) reach, her ivory sails trimmed neat and without a care in the world.

She is as wistful as she is unyielding, like a Leo Tolstoy heroine. Or Katniss Everdeen, for y’all millennials.

And boy, she’s one smooth ride. These noodle-legs can attest so. Granted, some other limbs were to be cuffed in seasickness acupressure bands after one particularly inky risotto and 5-minute attempt at screen-time.

Blazer – CELINE. Watch – Officine Panerai. Ring – Pandora


Jacket & trousers – JOSEPH. Watch – Officine Panerai.





Poster-child of Officine Panerai, born of William Fife III in 1936, stage of Duran Duran’s ‘Rio’ (ask your parents), Eilean had been under care of six owners until a Florentine watchmaker and now Officine Panerai CEO Angelo Bonati took her under his wings, and restored over 40k hours in true watchmaking meticulousness. I boarded with Luminor 2 strapped on my left wrist, in blissful ignorance of any sailing terminology, much less mechanics of making a boat ‘go’ (Regatta is type of cheese, yes/no). We skated the Balearic sea like sails on a little island, chasing Spain’s September sun, and anchored for a swim and lunch near a particularly handsome cliff.

Park & Cube was a guest of Officine Panerai, but all views & opinions my own.

Body – Belize. Watch – Officine Panerai.


creative direction & styling SHINI PARK photographers SIMON SCHMIDT & MORGANE LAY in collaboration with OFFICINE PANERAI
Suede jacket & trousers – JOSEPH. Watch – Officine Panerai