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I just stumbled upon some great chain necklaces by Arielle de Pinto, entirely an accidental discovery, I got so hyped that almost pressed the Buy button until I realised, wait, I don’t have $250 lying around.

So guess what, I decided to knit me some chain necklace. Might be a good time to learn to crochet too…

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  1. hey cool, you have to make me one too sweetie.i cant do this.iam a sucker in knitting.

  2. oh just noticed that there is an etsy feed coming along soon.great.yay.

  3. those are really cool. too bad i lack basic DIY skills.

  4. these are first they looked like metal!

  5. WANT.

  6. Aahh, been a fan of her stuff since I first saw it on Refinery 29’s site. It’s really gorgeous and make me want to crochet chains too! I can’t wait to see what you make!

  7. I love the second necklace, its something i’ve been dying to look for, for so long!

  8. i love these necklaces. but what are they made of? is it metal chain or like fabric?

  9. yeah! i am waiting!!!

  10. this necklaces are so gorgeous, thanks to show us that

  11. what materiel you used to knit this ? i meant thread thickness and exact materiel ? please

  12. what materiel you use to knit this ? i meant can you explain thread thickness and exact materiel please

  13. thank for sharingx

  14. thank for sharingx potsx

  15. Hi, what kind of materia did you use to make this? Thanks.