Trenchcoat Uniqlo Shirt Mum’s Jeans H&M Shoes DIY Studded

In certain Asian countries these trenchcoats are, like the crocodile is to Lacoste, a trademark of horny middle-aged men who flash their ding-dongs in front of schoolgirls. All of them wear this. So I felt extra special today.

Grub grub with dear Ellen in Chinatown, London. Londoners: Misato brings tapwater when you ask for the bill. Not really, the waitress barely spoke English I think, I said Can we please get the bill? and she said yeees and then brought us two drinks.

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  1. Haha your story has inspired me to pull out my trench this week :)

  2. love the new pics! and this post is too funny =D


    great blog, you have someone different going for you aside from every other fashion blogger and their mother

    rock on!

  4. Love those boots, but the jeans look great too!

    <3 mav

  5. wow, this is perfect!
    the coat is perfect, the jeans are perfect, and the boots! how’d you do them so well (Erin Wasson/Free People)?!

  6. wow. i’m absolutely loving your style. those kicks are so rad.

    : )

  7. I love your lil waitress story :) haha.

  8. You look fantastic! And the photograph..WOW! Perfect shot.

  9. the studded boots look so awesome.
    seems like there’s a Chinatown all over the world.

  10. 10 minutes by Hyori Lee :D
    note: i am not korean but that song is so darn catchy that I’ve made it my duty to memorize the lyrics. I’ve got the chorus down :)

    and ty!

  11. ooh love what you did with the shoes!
    lovely blog

  12. Hoi hoi,
    Ik mis je!
    nvm, that’s dutch. I got a little confused sorry. lol
    Dude, i would LOVE to swap cities!
    I really want to go to London!!
    ur outfit is amazing Shini. it’s everything that i love!

  13. I’ll always love trenchcoats, no matter how many horny middel-aged men who defile them.

    Your shoes are a m a z i n g btw.

  14. i’m so in love with my trench…
    heheee this post and your comment made me laugh (the bit about vogue)

  15. loveee your photos as always
    who takes your pictures?

  16. I love all your photos! Nice flasher trench, and lovely boots. x