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The American outdoors

Let’s pretend for a second that the wind howling outside our single-pane windows isn’t about to French braid the crap out of the bush by the gate and our recycling bins aren’t blown into a different post code entirely. Let’s pretend, in fact, that the office is bathed in golden sunlight and a westerly breeze tickles the tips of VAT receipts peeking out from the solemn black folders. Heavens, is that Chloë Grace Moretz in my samples closet?

I had missed the Coach 1941 SS16 show back in September by a mere ten minutes sitting – forlorn – in NYC traffic (aka the world’s oldest excuse), which meant moping around the show-space as the music thumped inside the glass terrarium, hoping to see a glimpse what I was meant to see in relative comfort of a name-plated seat. What I did get to see was how a chunk of the Highline transformed into an abandoned railway track strewn with dry, overgrown grasses and fig trees: a stage on which the brand would celebrate its 75th anniversary championing the great outdoors, clothed in the trademark American curiosity and confidence. I loved playing with some pieces, seen here – albeit for a glorious, imaginary sun-drenched minute before slinking back into a pile of yarn and resuming the anthem of ‘do you want to make a frickin snowman out of me’. The new collection hits stores 15th February.



All clothing & Accessories – Coach 1941


…the great outdoors, clothed in the trademark American curiosity and confidence.

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  1. Nice and comfy outfits!

    Don’t miss today my new suede trench coat that I have combined with….! ;)
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  2. Melissa

    I love your creative eye. That crossbody is a must have. So classic.

  3. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Absolutely creatively beautiful from every angles! Superb! :)

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  4. You look amazing!

  5. Love the creativity! Wonderful work.


  6. beautiful looks
    that sucks that you missed the show :(

  7. Incredible photos!! Absolutely in love!

  8. I love the way you got the feeling from the fashion show into your own photos. Wonderful styling and composition!


  9. waw. again fantastic pics, and amazing feature! <3

  10. The top and the shoes are amazing!

  11. great photos!


  12. great photos, so inspiring!


  13. Great post! :)


  14. Stunning looks!

  15. the shoes of the second outfit <3

  16. the shoes of the second outfit <3

  17. amazing photos!

  18. These pictures are as beautiful as ever x

  19. This is so so cool!


  20. These shots are lovely!

    Agnes x

  21. Love that black dress by Coach!

  22. Everything about that orange outfit is fabulous. The shoes, the shirt, just everything. You have truely made me a Coach convert Shini!! xxx

  23. Love the look Shini! And as always, great art direction!

  24. I love the femininity of the floral print and the masculinity of those leather pieces.

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  26. Amazing look, love your black floral set

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  29. Looks beautiful… Great article

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  31. Everything is amazing. The colors are stunning!