DIY floral laces: Fasten your shoes, Spring is a-coming!


What you’ll need
Lace-up shoes of any sort – sandals, trainers, ankle boots; patterned bias binding (mine’s from Liberty) OR a long scrap floral fabric (re-purpose an old scarf/PJs or buy new from Liberty) OR classic ribbons, hair pin, scissors


Pull out and the original laces from shoes


Use the laces to measure out the right length from the new fabric.


Cut 1.5inches (or 4cm) wide, and then cut again lengthwise in half – voilà, you have a pair of laces.


Using a hairpin (thinner the better!), slip through a small section of the end and use that to guide the laces through the eyelets.


Weave in the laces zig-zag as you would normally do – with some shoes you’ll find that lacing while wearing them on your feet will make the task easier.


Et voila! And more ideas…


Black heels – Zara. Red heels – Kurt Geiger Magdalena. Fabric & bias binding – Liberty. Photographer: ASSHOLE TRIPOD.

This is an age-old trick in the book but since 1) we’re all in a rut of some sort and 2) it’s clear that Spring is using Apple iOS6 Maps to find Europe and will probably take a cab from Africa around June I thought it might be fun to distract ourselves otherwise. If you’re like me, you’ll remember the joy of yanking out dirty laces from your trainers for a pair of spankin’ clean ones to realize you didn’t actually know how to lace them back in.  Once I got my head around it (at an embarrassing age, I think it was), no strip-looking thing in the house was to survive without having gone through some dirty eyelets on my Adidas originals: broken earphones, retired necklaces, some twines that may or may not have held the mackerel in the kitchen, ethernet cable (back when I knew not the value of being connected to the wall)… let’s just say I’m glad I met my husband in highschool because otherwise I’d now be captain of Weirdo-train until 35.

A few tips:

  • For sandals narrower strips (with edges fraying) tend to look better, while for trainers, wider laces give a more ‘plump’ look. If you have another fabric, weave in two, or three different patterend/textured (think lace trimmings and bobble fringes!) laces into the same shoe for even more full-on effect – Try out the lattice or checkerboard weave if you dare!
  • Cut longer than the original lace so you’ll have extra length to wrap around the ankles a la Alaïa.

Have fun!

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  1. Wow! Loved the ideas.. Definitely going to try this out! RIGHT NOW :D

  2. Wow! Loved these ideas.. Definitely going to try this out! RIGHT NOW :D

  3. that’s really pretty!


  4. Ahhhh what a splendid DIY post, I’m still waiting for spring so I can spray paint my boring converse.

    P.s I’m officially a big fan of your arsehole tripod, can I borrow it?

  5. Dr A

    Ahh alas Shini it seems that you’ve left me to take over that Weirdo ship and we may be sinking due to my poor navigational skills. Someone save me!

    p.s. I love the DIY projects you and Kit do.
    p.p.s Super excited about two posts in matter of days, makes me glad I checked your blog today! Hurrah.

  6. So beautiful! It’s amazing how new laces can change a pair of shoes! I really love the sneakers that way!

  7. Pretty! And so smart too by bring a softer spring touch to the tough heels.

  8. oh wow what a great DIY! never thought of that!

  9. brilliant!


  10. Danielle

    I’m gonna join the weirdo ship and try it myself thank you!!

  11. this DIY is easy and pretty cool!!! I love it!!!

  12. Ah, it’s just like a new shoe! Love it, totally adorable.

  13. what a wonderful idea, have to try it also ^_^

  14. Awesome idea! So cute & so easy to do :)

    Katie x

  15. Great idea!! So cute! xx

  16. Such a cool idea! Works well on both xx

  17. Pretty cool idea, but I don’t think I’d actually bother trying it out.


  18. You don’t have to, just an Springtime idea! I’m sure everybody’s tried this out once when they were 12-13 ;)

  19. Lovely idea!!

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  20. great DIY.
    i would definately try it if i had some skills on that!!
    but no its more likely to turn apart the whole shoe than be able to do what you did!!

    Bisous from STYLE FEST

  21. Wow such great idea!!! You are awesome Shini :)

  22. Super cute DIY Shini! xx

  23. I love this idea! I surprisingly never did this when I was younger. Where are the monochrome striped trainers from? I need a pair of those in my life!

  24. Ooh, what a cute idea!



  25. I really like your choise of materials, it gives such a lovely addition to the shoes, great DIY!xx

  26. God, I never thought of this! *desperatly looking around the room for spare fabric* How cute! And I actually laughed out loud at the spring comment…and then I looked out my window at the snow and I now have an irrational hatred agains apple maps.

  27. Wow thank you that’s such a nice DIY!
    And the Zara shoes are amazing !


  29. This is so cute and easy :) I will definitely be giving my shoes a spring makeover!

  30. Love this, so simple to do!


  31. Brilliant but simple idea, aren’t all the best ones. Both shoes look great.

  32. This is so cute! I wasn’t sure at first how it would turn out, but they look great! What a fun way to spice up some shoes for spring. Good work! :)

    Sequins & Shadows”


  34. Cute and simple! Just like a DIY should be!


  35. such a clever and cute idea!

  36. So cute!!

  37. what a creative idea. I’ll try it

  38. That’s nice! I prefer the lace on your sneakers.
    The lace pattern is so fun! I guess making the lattice weave require yards and yards of lace!

  39. I love how simple and easy to follow this tutorial is, and I don’t think I could have guessed how cute the heeled sandals would turn out. Lovely pics as well.

  40. really love this idea, such a great way to add a little spring colour and print to a pair of shoes

  41. I really love those shoelaces. It will fit very well with my floral dress and hat. I love flowers you see. :)

  42. how precious! love this and i must give it a try. i use crochet trim on my desert boots and sequin trim on my converse. it definitely gives the shoes a little extra somethin’ somethin’. thanks for sharing!

  43. adam galla

    kudos asshole tripod photographer

  44. We love truly this great and original idea!: *

  45. Woo they are lovely! Great and yet simple diy.

  46. Love this idea! Thanks Shini.

    Trisha x

  47. Beautiful DYE ! :D

  48. My Sister-In-Law makes ties from pure silk, and these shoe laces have the same quality of being “organic”. It maybe because they are not mass produced or maybe it is because they are unique.

    Whatever the reason, they are great!

  49. This is a great idea, definitely going to try it ! Thanks for sharing your tutorial!!

  50. OMG!! This is such a creative experiment! I’ve never tried doing this and now, I will definitely try it! This is really perfect for this season, it really adds up to the design of your shoes or what. Thank you for sharing this, awesooome!

  51. very beautiful shoess, many glamour and a good color.

  52. Great idea! It is a great way of re-vamping your shoe. Very simple yet it makes you look like you actually bought a new pair.

  53. That it a fantastic little trick and I am sure that even I could manage it :) I have some sandals which could do with a new look so I might even try it out this weekend.

  54. Anita

    You’ve got such great ideas cool tanx

  55. Love the shoes ans its a good idea to switch to a more springish look. I wish I had the Kurt Geiger! Romina

  56. I really need your blog! Thank you so much!
    From Mary

  57. ChicTrends

    What a great idea! It’s a great pop of floral without making it too overbearing. It’s a must to try this on some shoes that need reinventing! ^.^

  58. What a great idea! It’s super simple, but looks so cute!

  59. it looks fun trip.. i love your blog.. Followed!!

  60. Love this funky idea, this is cool (:

  61. We’ve seen those high heels a hundred times, but you were the only one to customize them, and it’s just perfect.


    Coolest DIY project ever!! Thanks so much for sharing, hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  63. oh yeah.

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  65. Love how you transformed the Zara shoes into unique designer ones :) Inspiring. I am thinking of 3 leather stripes ending in a three color tassel.

  66. lovely diy perfect for spring!

  67. @wenlin,
    very good idea!
    I’m Korean, And I live in Korea.
    I am happy to meet you!

  68. what a fun way to spruce up and add some funk to a look!

    XO Sahra

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  70. I’m so inspired right now!!

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  72. Cally Chan

    Seems so fun!

  73. miriam

    i cannot believe, the black ones have changed completely! this is a really good idea :D

    fashion blog miriam stella

  74. lee


  75. Great DIY post! I will absolutely recommend this blog to my colleagues!

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  77. Great idea! The only thing better than a DIY post is one that’s easy to execute! Thanks for sharing. <3

  78. faye

    hey, very good idea! your DIY’s is always so cool!
    x faye

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    facebook group? There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know. Thank you

  80. Ahhhh what a splendid DIY post, I’m still waiting for spring so I can spray paint my boring converse.

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  82. magic love.

  83. Wonderful idea! helpful and chic

  84. Wow those are really cute.

  85. Beautiful!
    The shoes and sandals are very pretty and, if you also add a floral touch as in these, they are much prettier. Long live the shoes!

  86. Great post. Thanks for sharing