Alexander Wang’s shredded chain jeans, via

First you’ll need to get ready:
Jeans cut to desired length, craft knife or Xacto scalpel, Jewellery precision pliers, chains of different width,  Eyelet set  (Pliers, eyelets)

Use the craft blade to slice a section, then scrape down. Putting a cutting board under the jeans helps.

Make some shredded holes further up.; Make a series of eyelet holes near the shredded holes for chains to pass through.

Pass chains through eyelets and hook. Repeat few more times and the same for other leg.

Beanie, Bag Topshop Jeans, Blouse Zara Vest Korea Shoes H&M

A few tips:

  • You could shred the bottom of your jeans – or like Wang’s it could be left as it is. Since I cut my long jeans anyway, I shredded the bottom.
  • Mix fine chain with chunky chains for more texture
  • Keep a vacuum cleaner ready for all the jean-dust!

Good luck!

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  1. these jeans are amazing. it’s your best diy yet.

  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! that is totally insane! you’ve totally recreated my fave look from the collection and it looks so chic!

  3. Amazing! Love the mix of materials!

  4. Those look glamorously grunge. I was going to attempt them, but you beat me to it. Bravo!

  5. I love those alexander wang shorts and yours look absolutely fantastic!

  6. Wow, You did a terrific job on those jean shorts! Great post and creativity!
    You look awesome!

    Karen O.

  7. Wonderful work!

  8. O.M.G. i’m gonna have to try this. you did an amazing job. thank you for sharing!

  9. :O What a great DIY! You’ve totally inspired me! :)

  10. i’m obsessed!! great DIY <3

  11. Hey there!!! I love this post, those shorts look like the same thing!

    As for my CSM interview, I got accepted to the Foundations program. I will definitely look for you :)

  12. TOO AWESOME!!!!!!!

  13. Brilliant.

  14. These are so amazing. I might actually attempt making these this summer!

  15. amazing!! I’ve never done a serious diy but I really might now that I’ve seen this. It’s shredded perfection.

  16. loveeeeee it (:
    when it gets warm (in a couple months, its freezing right now) im definitely going to give this a try! your pair look fantastic!

  17. This is an amazing DIY! Def gonna give it a try! Thanks for the tutorial<3

  18. hope u dont mind that im linking you. i absolutely love your blog. i went back a couple of entries.. ok a lot of entries! fab taste!!

    hope u can link me back :)

  19. Ohhh That’s so freaking cool!
    You’re always so good at diy stuffs! I’m so jealous. My attempts always turn so ugly haha :D

  20. I’m totally going to do this one.

  21. Amazing! i want, i want, i want! definitely will need to try this diy out!

    love your blog btw :)

  22. AWESOME BABY! Will try out (:

  23. Hello!

    I do want to get in the Fashion BA program but I have heard that my fashion stuff is too ‘girly’. But it was so nice of you to say that :)

    I would love for you to show me around in London when I arrive :D


  24. I love your shoes! X
    DAMN- I wish we had an h&m here…

    =] great diy.

  25. That’s genius. Thanks for the post. Great blog.

  26. thanks for the tutorial, i’ll be sure to try it!!!
    I also provided a link on my fashion blogsite to this tutorial.

  27. Great DIY. I just discored your blog and immediately fall for it.

  28. You did an AMAZING job, I love how it turned out! Too bad I don’t have the tools I’d need to make this, too… I love the detail with the chains.


  29. where did u get the stud gun?

  30. very cool!

  31. absolutely love it! saved to my diy project list!!!! thank you!!!

  32. That’s pretty badass!

  33. oh my word… this is absolutely fantastic. consider it snatched.

  34. woww this is so amazing great inspiration!!love ur all diy projects!!do u wanna exchange the links??
    kisses HANDE

  35. Seriously!!!

    I HAVE to try this :O

    You did an amazing job! I love the shorts, and I love the whole outfit :D I’m so jealous right now, wish I had those shorts!

  36. Amazinggg! Great job!

  37. That’s perfect!!!!

  38. love it
    u’re a genius

  39. *singing “Sheena is a Punk Rocker” by the Ramones*

    Shini is…
    A Wang wonder…
    A Wang Wonder!

    Dude! Seriously awesome. I need to try this. If I had the tools and the aptitude and time, that is.

  40. I am amazed ! :D


  42. your diy’s are so brilliantly amazing!!!!

  43. girl, this is amazing!

    and they look so suberbly grunger chic i can’t stand it.

    you’re a DIY rock star indeed!


  44. wonderful work!
    i’m really impressed!


  45. Love this DIY!

    You have amazing style! Just discovered your blog and love it!

  46. Wonderful! Thank you so much for posting!

  47. ahhhhh @#$%^&* ! this is the best thing since shredded tee’s. LOOOOVE IT !

  48. Love this.

  49. Wow these shorts are amazing, just discovered your blog. Definitely want to try them out.

  50. love this diy! looks amazingg!!

  51. I so want to do this DIY and then copy your whole outfit ;)

  52. great diy x

  53. wow i love this! great blog by the way.. i need to try that diy out soon!

  54. wow really awesome!
    i need one!

  55. Great DIY!! You’re so cute. judy

  56. I’m totally trying that!

  57. You are absolutely amazing. THANK YOU!

  58. Thxz gorgeous. Oh will you mind swapping links? :)

  59. This is amazing! Thzzz for sharing!

  60. OMG. this is amazing!!! i can’t wait to try it out :)

    i’m really loving you blog!


  61. PERFECT!! og gorgoeus, I’m starstuck

  62. best best best diy!

    i’ve linked to you on my blog as well =D

  63. wow like two peas in a pod!


  64. Bravo!

    Nice blog.

  65. Genius!

  66. just found your blog and it is great! ive started following it on bloglovin:) so many gorgeous korean girls on blogspot! love your style~ x

  67. I just stumbled on your blog and LOVE it! Wanna exchange links? I’ve already added you to mine.

    BTW, great diy!

  68. Hi!

    This diy is brilliant! I’m doing this for sure.

    Thanks for adding me to your links, I’ll add you asap, I just discovered your blog and it is great

  69. I’ve only got one word for those shorts:


  70. brilliant!

  71. coooooooool.


  72. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)

    these shorts are amazing! Good work


  73. this is fucking awesome!do you make ne for me?i need this!
    love eszter

  74. i meant one…x)

  75. Shini this is GREAT! I have to try this some time. Fantastic job!!!!

  76. i don’t usually do this, but i’m seriously considering printing this diy out and taking it to the shopping center so i can do it! you’re a genius. the end result looks fantastic.

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  78. love this! hope you don’t mind me linking you :)

  79. This is seriously awesome. One question though. What is an eyelet set and where can i get one?

  80. You are doing Wang to perfection! Five stars on this DIY project …

  81. wow this is amazing!
    i must try this some time. great work!!


  82. […] I tend to think of Wang and Wu in the same thought because they are both young NY designers and both on the bullet train to fame. Wang has a cool downtown vibe that I love and this week I noticed this look around town and on various blogs. Chain jeans are easy to replicate if you get cut-off jean shorts or a pair of distressed jeans, puncture, thread chains, wear with tights, and voila. It’s much edgier, less trite than using safety pins—leave that to thirteen year olds. DIY here.  […]

  83. you are a genius.

  84. These are so so good! Love em.

  85. Where have you been all my life? I just found you through Fly and am smitten. Brilliant blog. I’m off to grommet up some jeans. xox, P.

  86. SHINI I LOVE THEM, you did such a good job!! Too bad my grasp of this whole thing ends where you say “eyelet”.

    You should sell these!!

  87. Alicia

    Hey girl, where’d you get your eyelet puncture sissors things :)
    would a normal hardware store have them ?

  88. […] Knight Cat, a pair of jeans with a ridiculous amount of chains dangling from it. And then there is Park & Cube’s emulated to perfection DIY Wang shorts that really makes you think twice about paying hundreds of dollars for Wang ever again. I’ve […]

  89. wooowww. wast thinking of doing this but was overwhelmed and had no idea how to go about it. now i do!!

  90. GREAT!

    nice DIY

    I’m in love with them…

    Love from Spain,


  91. That’s it: I’m linking you. Screw that- you’re getting an entire post. These are fantastic!

  92. […] at work lately. Care to make a hole-y scarf? A Wasson-esque harness? Some Alexander Wang-inspired chained jeans (another sweet option here)? Some kick-ass tights? A split belt? A braided neck […]

  93. liz

    goodness.. where did you get those chains and eyelets from! please advise! thanks! gorgeous stuff! thanks for sharing!

  94. […] Jeg har kommet over dette bildet mange steder og jeg må si at dette definitivt er et av gjør-det-selv prosjektene som står på min liste. Bare se på den fantastiske shortsen da! Jeg har allerede begynt å grave i min brors gamle jeans og kan ikke vente med å starte. Les hvordan også dere kan Do a Wang. […]

  95. Perfect!

  96. Lala

    You’re so incredible. I wanted to do a DIY to those also. I just love those Wangs. But your just amazing, dare I say it’s better than the wangs?

  97. MON CHOU

    Looks even better than the original!

  98. […] 1.  Kate Moss is a grunge icon, so of course I had to choose something from her clothing line for Topshop.  These shredded cutoffs would look fab layered with leggings and a “vintage” Pearl Jam t-shirt.  Ripped denim shorts, $55 from Topshop (and if you don’t have $55 to spare, try making your own out of a worn-out pair of jeans… check out this DIY version from Park & Cube). […]

  99. AJ

    Hey, I know this is a really old post but hopefully you get this…could you tell me what brand you use for your eyelets and the eyelet tool/setter? I have bought 3 different ones and they do not look as clean as yours. I think I will have to order online but I’m not sure which is best… Thanks, AJ

  100. wow. fantastic!x

  101. Oh my, I actually have no idea of the brand – I’ve left all my eyelet tools in London, and now I’m in Warsaw for the summer. All eyelets should do the job right though, I suggest maybe you do exactly as the instructions tell you to, although I’m sure you did… Sorry for being of no help!

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  104. Hey this is a great DIY porject! I did it and credited the idea to you as well as linked it back to Park&Cube! Check it out:


  105. […] been seriously wanting a pair for myself. There are so many great DIY tutorials online, so I figured it was time for me to give it a try. For those of you who claim to be craft-cautious, […]

  106. […] and even a cheese grater. For more helpful tips and ideas on shredding, check out tutorials at Park and Cube (Alexander Wang’s shredded chain denim shorts) and Brightest Young […]

  107. […] Park & Cube. Et gør-det-selv projekt som jeg skal i gang med hurtigst muligt ;) Læs her hvordan du selv kan lave disse Wang look-a-likes. Dette indlæg blev udgivet i […]

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  109. OMG! You’re so skillful and creative! :D I’m blown away by all your DIYs!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  110. very good, it’s very useful to me, thank you very much!

  111. It’s so pretty! I wanna try making my own pair! I recently did my own ombre shorts with studs. Hope you could check it out :)

  112. Love, love, love this! Just discovered your blog after I chopped up some jeans into shorts today. The detail touches from this post will jazz them up quite nicely. Thanks for the awesome DIY! :)

  113. Duda

    i loved it!
    i think that i’ll try reply this!

  114. […] I tend to think of Wang and Wu in the same thought because they are both young NY designers and both on the bullet train to fame. Wang has a cool downtown vibe that I love and this week I noticed this look around town and on various blogs. Chain jeans are easy to replicate if you get cut-off jean shorts or a pair of distressed jeans, puncture, thread chains, wear with tights, and voila. It’s much edgier, less trite than using safety pins—leave that to thirteen year olds. DIY here.  […]

  115. […] Si te has dejado seducir por el talento y las propuestas de este joven diseñador y quieres lucir unos shorts como los de la pasarela, atrévete a hacerlos tú misma. […]

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