Spending the evening flipping through old magazines I’d abandoned when I left for London, and knitting scarf for le boyfriend. I found this page in the Jan 09 issue of i-D (ok not old), I think I am in need for a dotted dress and a sequined jacket.

Also the only Barbie dress I kept from childhood.

Also catching up on Gossip Girl, got 5 episodes to watch wooohooo :D Few interesting moments:

Gossip Girl Episodes 7 & 8

Grr yeah, Jenny Humphrey is getting more and more annoying.

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  1. That first pic is so pretty. ugh I hate jenny humphrey though..

  2. Amazing first look! Kisses ;)

  3. hate jenny.
    but love gossip girl.
    chuck and blair!

    p.s. i wanted to let you know hautelook is having a foley + corinna sale. mid city totes for $222 :) u.s. dollars.

  4. i love gossip girl. it’s so addictive.

    great outfits below.

  5. yes, Jenny is definately annoying and her haircut drives me insane!

  6. ty, and i agree! those darn racoon eyes.
    i still like Vanessa the least though. she’s so bland and boring.

  7. Tessa

    I love Gossip Girl :D Much better than One Tree hill :P

  8. I’ve bought a dotted dress a couple of weeks ago. But it doesn’t fit me now with this baby bumb. I will have to wait 5 weeks to wear it!

  9. I love that jacket in the first photo too. Ah and gossip girl. Cannot wait for the next episode!

  10. Ohhh i love gossip girl! happy watchin