…tired. Didn’t sleep last night. Walked for miles in heels. Didn’t eat much. MAaan…painful. Can’t you just see the fatigue in my face?

Coat Vintage Rabbit Fur, Scarf ‘DIY’, Top Topshop, Jeans H&M, Shoes Topshop

That rabbit fur coat has been shedding everywhere I go. So imagine a fur trail behind me, good way to find my way back home. I think the rabbit (or rabbits) is taking revenge for its own murder. Look what Ellen drew for me:

Evil Rabbit…

Oh btw why ‘DIY’ scarf? Bought 2m long wool jersey from fabric store, cut it in half and flung around my neck. So kinda DIY, kinda cheating

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  1. so this is what you were doing when you should have been sleeping ¬_¬ .. nice furry texture next to the wall on the second pic. also i have an idea to revamp the jersey scarf.. i’ll have to run it under my machine before i tell you what it is though… hmm you should modify your coat.. obviously it needs a pair of ears and hypo eyes..