I think I know now why I pull out grey clothes from my wardrobe all the time.

The past 2 months since school started I have had no opportunity to think colourful and enjoy being alive and blessed by God. Today I hit a low… Essay due tomorrow got wiped out, no surprise, happens all the time.

Blazer H&M Tshirt I Don’t Like Mondays Tights Topshop Boots Cutesyshoes

I guess I’m dreaming in black and white again tonight…

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  1. love the photos.. who is this awesome photographer.. you? i think i need to be sacked.

  2. heheheh omg thanks for making me laugh <3

  3. cool blog. your diys are amazing. the body chain came out amazing.

  4. love the photos, so great!
    kisses from las vegas

  5. I remember when we used to have a nice leather black counch. I really miss it.