Set aside all the irrelevant traditions, Happy Resurrection Day!

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  1. aha! thanks a bunch for those tips. i won’t be wearing a wrinkly AND mangy tshirt. phew.

    likewise on the follow missy! i never found the button until today all the wall on the bottom!

    those lyrics are also pure awesome. ’nuff said.

  2. And to you too!


  3. Happy Easter Shini! :) Did you go to Church today? I did, it was so jam packed. Had to stand, but was all worth it. I think I’m bloated from all the chocolate.

  4. Happy Easter Shini!!:)

  5. happy resurrection day to you too!!!

  6. Happy Easter to you too! :) I was food poisoned so didn’t have much chance to celebrate other than struggle out of the bed and into the bathroom… fun! Still, chocolate awaits for when I get better!!

  7. He is risen indeed! Bless you this day and always ;o) Nina