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Yuh, motorcyclist café/diner all the way in Zone 3, North London. Not my idea, it was all Ellen’s doing. Elface, you may have a beard and a beer belly but why drag me into it!?

Actually it was research for her design-a-restaurant brief. That place was definitely intimidating with all the buff bikers stomping around, emitting leather scented testosterone like exhaust fume, but somehow I felt content to be in the company of a community that is formed purely out of passion for one common thing: motorcycles. Personally, passion seems like the healthiest form of expression in a human being, a true gift from God.

The place is called The Ace Cafe, their jacket potato is the shizzle.

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  1. great shorts! and that jacket potato looks yummy! :-)


  2. omg isn’t it like insanely loud at the racetrack? we went to a sort of F1 race thingie ages ago in Macau and it was so flaming loud i rmb hating life atm.

  3. Ooh, that vest ! And mmm, that potato haha!
    (And ohh, sorry for the misconception then x) )

  4. I loveee your outfit! Love the shoes and vest =)

  5. lovely! that jacket and vest layering thing you are doing looks diviine and that food looks absolutely scrumptious.

    you know ive always had a thing for motorcycles. and not just for teh cool jacket and biker boys!

  6. i guessed wrong. i thought you hung out at the palace with the queen. cause you’re english. get it? geeeeeett it?

    ps yellow pants in next post are “the shizzle”

    pps yes i quoted your post. i’ve got this commenting this DOWN!

  7. I have the same sequin vest!! hahaha it’s the best!

  8. loving the outfit,

    that is definitely an interesting place!!

    they just outlawed bikie gangs in my state. so this is a rather topical entry :)

  9. That last picture totaly had my mouth watering… *drools*


  10. Interesting assignment haha. I love everything you’re wearing here!

  11. I’m jealous you got to go hang out with motorcycles! Oh is it weird that I think I would wear those jodpurs?

  12. SHINI! I’m so envious of your sequined best :'( i’ve been wanting a sequin piece for a while and still havn’t been able to get my hands on anything. I totally did the jacket as well.
    Lovee your outfit as always.
    <3 victoria

  13. Goodness I love your style.

  14. wow what a great jacket!

  15. amazing outfit, I love this shoes!

  16. Those shorts are to die for! Love them!

  17. of my goodness – there’s a potato under all that!?!?!

  18. I love the combination of your shorts and wedges (:

  19. the design-a-restaurant brief sounds like such a fun project!! :) i also want to steal your shoes, and the shorts while i’m at it! ;)


  20. ps, you have such a good eye!! the colour from the tights are actually the result of bad photoshop skills (excuse-I’m a math student!;) to add brightness to my even worse photos, really thinking about getting a DSLR this summer, maybe the nikon D40? since it’s kinda cheap ;)


  21. sounds like fun, I’m suro you enjoyed it!!

  22. those shorts are amazing!!!!

  23. *passion seems like the healthiest form of expression in a human being, a true gift from God.*
    that is sooo nicely said!

  24. shini u have done it again great outfit the perfect mix

  25. I love the jacket & vest on you :) Sniff, I miss the sunshine already. Umm… you ate in a biker cafe? that is slightly hilarious. although i’ve had my fair share of being dragged to random and slightly sketchy places by friends too – like the weird underground japanese restaurant somewhere that recommended we order “cuttlefish”, which ended up being a little cup of pink-purple slightly neon and probably radioactive gloop. I get what you mean about getting presents for yourself but paying for them hahaha. I think the best solution is to go shopping in the actual store but have it gift-wrapped, for yourself. xoxo

  26. I love those shoes, it’s very chic :D

  27. super cute pictures! and i love your outfit :)

    your blog is so amazing

  28. i love the matching of the pants and jacket. bikers always scare me a little. probably because motercycles freak me out, I flinch everytime one revs up.

  29. I love your jacket! It’s amazing! What are you doing to me with those delicious food photos?? I haven’t eaten anything yet, you know! Haha, just kidding. xxxoxoxoxo

  30. I love your shorts!

  31. I’m so in love with your shorts. They are the perfect shape!! xx

  32. that little sequence number that’s playing peek-a-boo looks interesting. i wanna see the whole thing!
    design-a-restaurant? maybe she can design mine for thesis heh -__-

  33. Really love this outfit, sequin vest add something special ! In love with your short !
    I also went in a sort of motorcyclist race with a friend …. so noisy and I was like outsider ^.^

  34. so i’m answering on a different post too ;D
    and i’d like to write also something about your outfit: LOVE the shorts and shoes! :)

    i know what you mean, hehe, about accent for example. i have just the same problem with english^^ you know, we all speak our native language in best way :) but i believe that ‘a training makes a master’ (don’t know if the idiom exists in english too).
    i live in the south Poland in a small city – Jasło. you probably don’t know this city, it’s near Rzeszów and Krosno :) so great your family lives in Warsaw and you can visit Poland more often and longer than for example tourists from another countries :)
    it’s a bit too long comment, przepraszam :D i love talking with people who know Poland ;) it’s my pseudo-patriotism i guess ;))

    cieszę się, że poznałam Twojego bloga! masz świetny styl :)

  35. is that shepherds pie?! i just made vegan shepherds pie the other night, eating it for lunch :)

  36. the nw shoes is the one we supposed to buy but no size for my tiny ~~