Thank you Ellen for the bunny illustration! (This outfit)

If you’ve ever listened in on your brother’s phone conversation with his girlfriend on the other line you might know what it feels like to follow this blog on Twitter. Get to be in the front line of emotional outbursts and occasional photography/webdesign tips! Facebook - you know the drill – enter, snoop, leave without trace. I don’t mind, voyeurism is the new LBD.

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  1. Huzzah for glorified and accepted voyeurism! I definitely “liked” you on Facebook, since I “like” you already. I especially like how you were turned into a fashionable… camel? in that really well-done and adorable illustration. :)

  2. omg Charlene hahaaa it’s a bunny! like this one here heheheh

  3. @Shini, Well, d’oh. >< I only didn't know because it looked like it had hooves. I mean… camels are cute too, right? This bunny didn't have the ears, so I didn't know! My bad.

  4. Cute illustration! Ellen is sooooo talented.
    Well no need to say, you’re already on my ‘you must follow hit list’ what’s next? Myspace? Bebo?

  5. ” I don’t mind, voyeurism is the new LBD.” I’ll keep that in mind ;-) + I really like the way you write!

    Much Love.

  6. Seedy! (although my brother was never much of a talker, so channelling him would make for a very boring blog.) Sometimes I think organising one’s social life on the diverse twitter-facebook-myspace-blabla spaces has become a full time job. Haven’t been to FB for ages, but hey, here’s a reason!

  7. Twitter really is the best way to keep up with everything going on! Glad you are on board.


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