I’ve been squirrelling around since the morning building another 2013 in review post, and at 6 o’clock, I’ve decided against publishing it. 2013 sure has been a tremendous year for me, filled with highs and lows of varying strengths. Quitting my full-time job to charge on with this blog was surely a high, although to be honest it was technically a corner I was driven into that thankfully happened to have a little door. Regardless, I don’t regret taking that leap of faith and it’s been a hell of a ride ever since. The eczema probably was, and still is, the lowest … a problem I’ve sworn to tackle in the new year. I’ve decided against publishing a comprehensive review because, last year I wished for less shoes, more family, less ‘me’, more ‘you’, but the highlights were specifically about more shoes, and much more ‘me’ (5kg more at this point, to be exact), than ‘you’. So I want to start a clean slate, let’s try again, shall we?

Wishing all my readers a great start to 2014. Looking forward to prattling on in the new year!