Gilet – All Saints





ParknCube_Greenwich_London_07 ParknCube_Greenwich_London_08




Fluffy gilet – All Saints (on sale!). (DIY Slashed) jeans – Supertrash. Bootes – Kurt Geiger. Bag – Couronne. Silk & mohair sweater – Hoss Intropia. Watch – Lasson & Jennings. Rings – Monica Vinader. Silk bracelet – Hermes Petit h. Gold bracelet – Kenzo. Thank you Kit for helping with the outfit pics!

So… I may have skipped out on the annual rumble with desperate last-minute shoppers by finding gifts earlier in the month, but turns out none of that mattered because I was that person with the bulging Santa sack at the post office on the very last working day before Christmas begging for stamps. I don’t even get points for joining a 50-strong queue that snaked around the building because none of the gifts will arrive on time anyway. I was also the person fighting a lady with three kids over the last orange in Tesco’s thinking if I don’t buy this now we will get starve and DIE over Christmas, or get scurvy, then die. Oh, and the girl that got carried away buying winter essentials as if preparing for a snow disaster, and by essentials I mean fluffy gilets from All Saints (on sale, no less) that probably aren’t very practical for any disaster, really, unless I’m doing a style-off with the snow. In any case, I do hope for a bit of weather drama over the next few days, just so I can blame it for the gifts not arriving on time and hope

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no one will check the date on the stamp, or this blogpost. Oh I’ve screwed up this year, haven’t I.

Since I’m probably getting whips/handcuffs again for being naughty this year, let me know if you’re as bad as me with Christmas and maybe we can start a business together by selling them all. What do you think?










Heels – All Saints


Park-and-Cube_Broadway-Flower-Market-Winter_011 Park-and-Cube_Broadway-Flower-Market-Winter_012


Heels – All Saints. Coat – Club Monaco. Breton top – Uniqlo mens, stolen from hubby. Leather trousers – Hoss Intropia. Bag – Couronne. Scarf – Johnstons of Elgin. Straw basket – Chloé

Some people run marathons, I go to the flower market. By bus. I know I’ve featured it on this blog enough times to make it seem it’s a weekend ritual, but hey this is captain of Lazy club we’re talking about here – I get medals for doing the laundry. Marzipan medals if I hang them the same day. Sometimes the hubby smears BB-cream on my cheeks like battle-paint so I can get things done outside the house during the weekend, flower market included. On some days he accompanies me and we attach a rope between our bikes so he can pull me down the road. It really is just a quick cycle away, and whenever I do manage to make it down I ask myself why I don’t visit every weekend because I fall in love each time. The seasonal flowers and their cheerful sellers, the occasional puppy weaving between the happy crowd, the pastry reward at the end of the market… what’s not to love! Some pansies were starting to make an appearance, as well as some really stunning lilies. But since I’m still pretty much a n0oB when it comes to flower species, I brought home a bunch of hydrangeas and a fistful of eucalypti. Although, not sure what I can do with them really, maybe I’ll make soup of it.

Hope you had an exciting weekend, what did you get up to?

Oh, speaking of weekends, if you’re into taking pics of your feet on Instagramthis is one quick and easy competition you could take part in for a chance to travel to London with All Saints. I need someone to pull my bike to the market again, actually, if you want.

(Left-to-Right)1 Leather Coat – Gift from mummy (Massimo Dutti), Stripe Top –Uniqlo, Jeans – Replay, Khaki heels – Primark, Necklace –DanniJo, Cross-body Bag- ASOS
2 Black neoprene jacket – H&M, Parachute Dress - All Saints, Stripe Top – Uniqlo, Bag – Barbara Boner, Necklace – Brook & Lyn, Booties – Missoni
3 Leather shorts – Vintage, Shoes – secondhand Alexander Wang via Vestiaire Collective, Trench - Uniqlo, Bag – Marc Jacobs via Monnier Freres, Stripe Top – Uniqlo

Boys, look away, go play with the lawn sprinkler please. Girls, should I be afraid the Uniqlooks monthly

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recap is synchronizing with my release-the-Kraken time of the month? Like clockwork! I hate you! I love you. Nowadays this seems to be the only thing that helps keep track of time… this and an evil pile of bills that clog up the mailbox but never-mind that because I don’t believe they exist, realllllllly, it’s just a fantasy. (Hubby says he’s got it, such a man) Anyhow, just a quick one for today – the classic striped top that just about goes with anything, done up in three ways. Mind, I might’ve butchered the fail-safe classic with the parachute-dress, but right now that floats my hormonal boat so please let’s just call it an outfit.







Congratulations Sarah! As you can see, the necklace is packed and ready to be sent off, all I need is an address!

Thank you so much to those who also entered the giveaway, not to worry, there will be more in the future.
It’s quite amusing actually, who knew you’d be competing with a 1/652 (~0.15%) (thanks anon) chance of winning? I mean, possibly what other occasions in life would we even consider investing time or energy into something with less than 1% probability of success? Oh that bizarre sense of hope that free stuff instills in us….  Well, gotta love me some free All Saints, huh.



The Hello World! post on November 22, 2008

Exactly one year ago today at 1:39am, Park&Cube was born by X-section. It had weighed 3.24kg and had a cry like no other newborn in the ward. If I recall clearly, on birth it had bellowed at the nurse I LIKE SHOES, AND SHIT THAT HANGS ON MY BODY, clearly we’ve come a long way. (Have we really?)

Well, many thank-you’s are in order today! First off, thank you to la brilliant Ellen for suffering all kinds of weather for a photoshoot, sacrificing your jeans while crouching to make my head seem smaller, you deserve a million bazillion jambon kisses <3. Thank you to my family occasionally agreeing for a photoshoot albeit outrageous compensations on my part. Thank you lately, to many Nigerian princesses for offering friendship and large sums of money, tempting, but no thanks I don’t take petty change. Also thank you to those who have contacted me with interest in advertising on my blog, unfortunately there have never been or will ever be advertising on my blog.

Finally, thank you readers for sticking around this good-for-nothing blog – some of you I’ve known since the beginning – I really really appreciate the kind words and interest you leave in my blog.

To mark the occasion, I’ll be doing a giveaway of an All Saints fringe chain necklace to one lucky reader. Simply leave a comment under this post* before the 30th of November 23:59 GMT, with your name, email and location. A winner will be drawn randomly and announced on the 1st of December. Please don’t attempt to be übersmart and leave a more than one comment under different names, the web wasn’t born yesterday, there’s quite a simple way of knowing.

(*Only under this post)