Jacket Monton | Tee AA Tri-Blend | Jeans All Saints | Shoes Nine West | Bag ASOS

Let me cover your eyes double-chin kitteh, you don’t look old enough to see my face.
I’m flying to Poland tomorrow!


How did you come about to adore fashion; Who/what inspires your style?
[oh vandalism, ahmi]

I thought I had a cool and original style when I was in Poland, but when I came to London in 2006 for my Foundation degree I got to mingle with all these artyfarty types and realised I looked like something plucked out of the set of Little House on the Prairie, or like a door-to-door dictionary salesman. I really saw how fashion can express an individual and fell in love with that. Although, I did take a wrong next step and started reading Cosmopolitan to read up on fashion. BAD IDEA. All I learned from that damn magazine was how many ways one can get an orgasm. Then I stumbled upon blogs like Fashiontoast and Kingdom of Style and realised there’s much more to fashion than looking exactly like the next person.

Like everyone else, I get style inspirations from practically everything: blogs, magazines, movies, your average londoner… but I’d say I get direct inspiration from Taylor Tomasi and our very own Queen Michelle (Kingdom of Style). Oh also I get mucho influence from the Bible. No not the toga-dressing, Roman sandals thing – most of you know I’m a Christian, so I tend not to go for too revealing clothing – hence the lack of short skirts/shorts in my outfits unless accompanied by leggings or whatnot. No, I’m not aspiring to be a nun, but I do believe modesty is also what brings about class.

What is your favourite blog? [sharon]

Now now, that’s like asking me if I like mum better or dad… clearly it’s dad. I keeed. There are a few sites that I greatly admire, but I don’t really have a favourite that I read religiously.

I love a style that is completely unique and that doesn’t go with the immediate trend, so blogs like Kingdom of Style, Stylebubble hit my chords loud and clear; and then I enjoy the incredibly well maintained and adorned with immaculate styling of Le Blog de Betty. Being an anal graphic designer and all, I also admit that I selfishly frequent blogs with pleasing aesthetics, although of course it’s not the first thing I look at…

I just stumbled upon a blog that combines Graphic Design and Fashion – Nubbytwiglet, definitely worth a visit.

Where is your favourite travel destination; where would you like to travel to most? [Kim]

Not that I remember where I’ve been and all that from floating around with the schitzophrenic bunny, but I love the Austrian Alps – the idea of it, the look of it… I’d so want to settle on a hill and grow goats and stilettos and stuff. (Magic stiletto seed, I has)

May I have the url that you purchased the pants from? (these pants) [Suu]

Urm, I think this wasn’t a question for the Q&A but I guess it’s still a question – Today’s your lucky day, I’m deciding to be a kind soul and give you the URL. Except, the pants are out of stock so MUAHAHAH. Evil blogger prevails!