First of all, thank you so much for all the questions you left on the last post. My blackberry chirps whenever I get a comment and today it was a day-long chirping and tweeting symphony. It really makes my day – the questions are so good too, let me just answer one – has anyone told you you look like Sun from Lost?: Well yes indeed I have been told by numerous people, but only ever online. I told Ellen about this a few weeks ago and all she could say was erm no? If she says no, it’s a no. I kinda see where you’re getting the idea but naaah, she has a whole different vibe. I’ve been told I look like Irina Lazareanu and Hyoni Kang as well so I may as well look like Jack Black. (In fact, on some days I do.)

Anyway, rest for later! Still taking questions for those who might want to take advantage of this and lunge a homework essay question on me – eg. What were the main causes of the Cold War? Discuss.

Just a status update really:

  • I received the ASOS Two-tone tights that I mentioned a few posts back, I’m thinking of wearing the black on the front though, oh I’m such a rebel. (ASOS is having 50% sale now btw)
  • Finally started to knit the wannabe Rodarte dress – I decided to go for 10mm and 15mm needles so that the whole thing goes faster. Unsure if I have enough yarn though.
  • I didn’t mention this, but I bought this maxi dress from Black Luna Vintage ebay store and loving how it’s so hands-on art studio-y. Still trying to find a good way of bringing it out into daylight.
  • Realised that this is my 101st post, making the Q&A post my 100th, what a coincidence. Woohoo free kinder eggs for everyone!

Everybody having a good evening? Good morning to those East of me.