Behind the scenes: Bally AW’14 Lookbook shoot













The ‘Bloom’ bag, where sides that open out like petals



Supple nappa leather plimsolls




Each boot is formed with single piece of leather with a single-seam up the back leg curve


The ‘Gentlewoman’ bag, with corner indent





Who do I want to be when I grow up? Bally AW14. A fire-fighter too, but I’m allergic to cats and they seem to get stuck on trees a lot so sadly I think I’ll need to give up on that dream. This season Bally is a sister from another mister that I’d secretly have a massive girl crush on – the one that throws a suede bomber jacket over dishevelled bed hair when picking up morning coffee, wears tailored trousers and maintains blade-sharp line down the legs all day, and her sweater – cashmere, and not a bobble in sight. She’s also quick to laugh and loves karaoke – but I may be reading in too much on this one. I had the privilege to be a fly on the wall at the AW14 lookbook photoshoot two Saturdays ago, where I spent three hours buzzing from one room to another fondling this and that from the new collection, sneaking a peek in the mirror with one or two when I thought no one was looking. Particularly loved the detail of the box-shaped bag levelled on one corner (inspired by the ‘gentleman’s corner’, a levelled corner in the heels of men’s brogues started by Bally) a design feature which I later spotted on many other pieces including belt buckles and labels. How neatly sneaky. Sneakily neat?

The crew – nimble-footed and efficient – composed each look, followed by the studio lighting up in bursts of flash, and not five minutes later the next look was called. In the meantime, Tao Okamoto snoozed in a large sofa, and in the big hall the sun sunk behind the table of shoes; I left with reluctance just as Look 13 was wrapping up.

A big thank you to Bally for the wonderful experience!  Discover more at

Special thanks to the Bally Design Director Pablo Coppola, and his team; photographer Paul Wetherell; models: Emma Balfour, Kirsten Owens, Langley Fox Hemingway, Tao Okamoto, Harmony Boucher, Natasa Vojnovic, Amber Anderson and Spring Studios, London.

Jacket – Courtesy of Luphia, Sweater – Mum’s, Pants – Zara, Shoes – Vintage Bally, Bag – Style Sofia, (Both courtesy of Style Sofia) Furry Bag – ASOS

I really don’t know how to thank you for the support in the last post, although with the few borderline-whine posts of late I feel like I’m starting to sound like a skinny girl who keeps moaning about being fat. Or like a fat girl moaning about small boobies? But thank you, so so much, you all deserve cooties in the form of wet kisses. Ah, let’s just make out, the bf isn’t looking. Or is looking, he doesn’t mind girl-on-girl I think.

I’m back home, bag half full and again mostly inadequate stuff like straw hats and a beachball- I’m going East, surely it’s meant to be more exotic, no? (SO WHATS THIS WHITE STUFF EVERYWHERE?) I’ve been hanging around in my mum’s shop and touching everything, I find it’s the best way to be kicked out so I can go home and watch more HBO and eat Lindt chocolates while crying. Crying because I’ve been watching too much TV that is.

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