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Photos with watermark courtesy of Mango, shot by Carrie Harwood. The rest by moi.

This was sunny Barcelona earlier last month, with the rockstar host Mango who brought together five bloggers (YaraLeviChristinaCarrie, moi) and four competition winners to two whole days filled with peachy fashion DIY fun. I was to overlook the workshops with my so-called ‘veteran’ DIY skills, and get the party started with a couple of projects. The stage was set, the venue decked out in every possible craft materials and tools imaginable, and of course, Mango victims (denim shirts, boyfriend jeans, accessories) sheepishly stacked along a wall, ready to be polka-dotted to death. And to my relief, lots of little dark corners to hide in if the DIY went wrong (i.e toilet with the stringy lightbulb thing). I was terrified, in all honesty, because as much as I like to call myself a DIY enthusiast, every project is still new to me with equal chance of success or failure. I could either end up with an amazing pair of slashed jeans, or a denim ‘thing’ with what could be pockets. Alas, the many years of ‘I play teacher, you play student’ games with my younger brother were of some use, it transpires, although as far as I remember nobody from this DIY workshop drank glue out of the bottle and ran off to mummy crying about it. I instructed the girls how to do ‘ABC’, and the girls went and wrote rap-songs out of their projects. It was mind blowing, actually, and wow am I really not as creative as I like to think (derp). Yeah, and nobody ate glue. I mean, I ate glue, while the girls created masterpieces. You’ll believe me when you see this.

Thank you Mango for the good fun and the warm welcome to Barcelona!