Shirt – Courtesy of, Leather Skirt – Vintage, Sheer socks – market, Pumps – Kate Kanzier, Bag – Cado, Bracelet – COS

Thank you Jill for the photo!

I refuse to smile for pictures until my broadband problem is resolved. Hrmph! (If anyone knows how to reason with this kid in me, please, pass the monkey bars and tyre swings – she’s hiding under the slide, that one rocking back and forth muttering in a funny language.)

On a completely different note, Nowness were so kind to feature a few of my world flea market picks on Sunday, check it out here!

Sweater – Alexander McQueen on loan from My Wardrobe, Knit dress – Market in Lithuania, Dress – COS, Shoes – ZARA, Belt – Vintage, Bag – CADO

I know this sounds like a broken record, or an overachieving techno number, but I’m just so exhausted exhausted exhausted doo-doo-beep beep….beep-de-ree-doo-doo…

Would PRs like some quality coverage on shows, because it would help to receive some tickets when requested, you know. And don’t you dare email me later and ask me to blog about the lookbooks of the latest collection, or stream the show in a post. I don’t give a flying rat’s ass about which celebrity wore your brand also, neither do my readers.

Thank you Jill for taking those shots of me.

1 – Susie, 2 – Nadia & Frances, 3 – Audrey, 4- Elise, 7 – Anywho girls, 8 – Kate Lanphear, 9 – Yvan & Ruby Aldridge, 10 – Anywho girls again, 11 – Maria