Hat Christie’s London | Cardigan, Jeans Zara | Tshirt AA | Shoes ALDO

Hello I’m bored.





Jacket KappAhl Top, Leggings Topshop Belt Mum’s Shoes H&M Hat Christie’s (The Hat Company ebay) Bag DIY Studded Vintage

The blog was starting to look like an essay blog, huh. Sorry about the last post, I promise I’m usually a very forgiving, cheery person! :D I just don’t like when people challenge my knowledge in my own damn profession. I know my shizzle, that’s why I get paid for it.

Beautiful weather in London today btw, looks like spring is finally coming around.

(Check out The Hat Company ebay store for high quality bowler hats by Christie’s. Handmade with beautiful lining, and at £25, so affordable.)