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Some directions I might want to take for autumn. Besides the fact that I can never spell equestrian… equistereanne… ekestryan (there) right, I’m hooked on it. I’ve been scouring ebay for a good pair of riding boots, and on finding it also fulfilled the need for knee-high boots (need, since when do we need all the shoes we covet). So now I’m guessing I need a horse, which category on ebay can one purchase a horse, preferrably one with an engine?

This may be old news to some, but I’m still fascinated by Kathrin Rohr’s and Saskia Hammen’s Copy of an Imitation collection. There’s air of medieval, Tristan & Isolde to the designs, but with delicious modern twists – I do wish they were available physically somewhere so that I can lurk from a close distance… and reach my hands out to touch… but then pause, to put them straight back into my pockets and continue jangling the coins. SIGH.