.The Draper Equestrian Hat – Modcloth
.Zipper Top – Dorothy Perkins | Pants – Zara | Shoes – Cutesyshoes | Bag – DIY Studded Vintage | Necklace – DIY

I apologise for the increased randomness – considering the nature of my blog you’re probably thinking oh is that mad woman going to staple that horse-riding hat, and the answer is no, I wasn’t thinking of that, but hey shall we try? I’ll take the stapler, you wear the hat. I was simply cleaning out all the irrelevant crap in my room – the highschool biology notes, college applications, Cosmopolitan mags (the horror). I realised, on pulling out 2 boxfulls of stapler eggs (that’s what I call it in Korean) that I have not had the need to staple in FOREVER, and why is it that we always end up with BOXFULS of staples? From the amount I found it looks like I was aspiring to be a secretary at a law firm – my CV proudly stating: Collector; Owns bajillion staples, no stapler.

p.s I would very much like a riding hat to go with my handsome riding shoes.





Knit Jumper Vintage | Tshirt I Don’t Like Mondays | Pants, bag Gmarket | Shoes Cutesyshoes

It’s so wrong when you had a can of energy drink that looks like an angry brown poop (refer to pic in last post) and you still feel doozy woozy sleeepy.

I can’t wait till Sale season. I think I spend more when I forbid myself to shop. It must work the other way, right? Stingy when allowed to spend. Mini rebel needs some discipline because clearly, this thing I just bought from ASOS is DIYable inside and out.






Jacket ASOS | Scarf, Pants Gmarket | Plaid shirt Uniqlo Men
Bag River Island | Shoes Cutesyshoes


Aldo Wilhemy

Hey guyyyyyz, my brother is wailing in the corner, screaming for his blankie, now look what you’ve done! Well what I’ve done, actually, I was the one asking the dumb question. Sorry. He’s indeed my baby brother by 2.5years – he’s 19 now. I know, baby doesn’t fit too well with that senile face. At least it was a good-ish fight between older 15: younger 12… (Thanks so much for the comments though, I love you all mucho.)

Oh, but to someone someone who said he looks like he’s in his mid-twenties (!!) but younger than me – are you saying I look late twenties? Sobstory of the week, definitely. (I still love you, Kit)

We went shopping, and I went in those heels. Very funny. At least I could pull off a genuine splat sitdown on the shopfloor + I CAN’T WAAAAAALK so I could get those Aldos without guilt.  Temporary guilt, that is. (Buyer’s remorse ETA: 3:23:46)

Oh and here’s one good advice in life. NEVER GO SHOPPING ON A SATURDAY. So I can enjoy the quiet streets all by myself kthxbye.

Tshirt H&M Jeans Zara Vest Korea Boots CutesyShoes Beanie Topshop

I think I would’ve named my blog CAKE & COFFEE if it wasn’t for my sanity that persuaded me to do otherwise.

Pulling an all-nighter writing an essay about something I know nothing about, called for desperate (read: Truckload of calories) measures. I think I finished a box of JellyBellies in under an hour.

And yes, now I give approval to hang up Christmas decorations. Come on London, October is not a good time to put up Christmas stuff. I got sick of the decorations by Halloween.

I think I know now why I pull out grey clothes from my wardrobe all the time.

The past 2 months since school started I have had no opportunity to think colourful and enjoy being alive and blessed by God. Today I hit a low… Essay due tomorrow got wiped out, no surprise, happens all the time.

Blazer H&M Tshirt I Don’t Like Mondays Tights Topshop Boots Cutesyshoes

I guess I’m dreaming in black and white again tonight…