Dior Nude ‘Beige Safari‘ Nail Polish, Rings, mummy’s old

One goopy nude-ish varnish that resembled melted baby-doll plastic and one messy bottle of are-you-sure-you-studied-art colour concoction later (red, pearly white, bit of brown… OK this is pearly poo), I’ve finally found the perfect shade and consistency in the Dior Beige Safari polish. It does make my hands look like Barbie fingers but I think it gives just the right amount of clean and classic like a pair of nude heels would. The consistency is just watery enough to glide on a few coats and finish with an Essie ‘Good to Go’ top coat (my preferred) and it feels like the day you got your braces off. (This may or may not mean I lick my fingers every ten minutes)