Little sneak-peak of the Printemps x Dior Christmas windows!

And pile of meat for lunch before shopping, naturally.

Here she comes! I’m here Marion, kiss me.

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Zara. Khaki silk shirt- Iris & Ink. Midi-skirt – ASOS. Heels - Christian Louboutin Corneille. Bag – Reiss Mira. Belt – LV via Vestiaire Collective; Outfit shots by Kit

I’m sorry if lately it’s just been Paris this and Paris that, but let’s be honest, you can’t really blame me, can you. Same way you can’t blame me for sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night to eat Nutella out of the jar while burning up the refrigerator lightbulb, which is pretty much always. It’s universal magic, we all know that. And seeing that my life is spectacularly, extra, extra ordinary (mind the gap), a quick trip to Printemps in Paris with Kit for an early taste of Christmas should no doubt be considered, extraordinary. Especially when it includes sparkling windows and a whole world of Dior behind a sheet of glass. Glass of course, makes this magical world much easier to reach than 1) the thick wardrobe doors of Narnia, or 2) a brick column to Platform 9¾ – technically at least. Plus I bet that window smells like Miss Dior from the inside and actually full of Helium gas that’s leaked out from the balloons. Squeakiddy-squeak-squeak, sang the dolls.

Thank you Ykone & Printemps for having us! (See last year’s mini-Karl domination in Printemps x Chanel windows)

In Dior Joaillerie-Horlogerie boutique 8 place Vendôme; Hotel de Crillon

I must’ve simmered in the London pot little too long to think that stepping out with a lightly-packed bag while high-fiving the drunk neighbour at 4am is a very appropriate start to a romantic Paris trip. Drunk on a Sunday night, true hipster pirate freelancer spirit, aye? I should know, I’m captain of that ship. We’re sinking and all that. Anyway. On arrival I searched around for my driver (ho ho my driver, when would I EVER say that again) and spotted a man holding up a ‘Mr Parcchini’ sign. Naturally I glazed over and kept looking, thinking poor Italian man with a name that sounds like food. After a flurry of texts between Brian the PR, turns out Mr Parcchini (ParkShini) was to be my alias in Paris – I’m guessing the reservation was made by phone. So I said that’s me and from then on the driver couldn’t stop looking at his rear mirror, so I spoke in a deep voice to take the mickey out of him and all, buhehe.

Dior kindly invited me down for a day for the introduction of the spectacular Dior VIII watches – to be extra clear, it does not have six wives, one with a cocktail named after. Apparently 8 was Mr Dior’s lucky number! Look out for part two and three, because I’m in Seoul at the moment with acute exhaustion and the internet in this damn hotel costs £10 an hour I decided to skip the research this time and write this up in Word. It just underlined ‘Parcchini’ in a red squiggly line…