Leather Jacket – ASOS, Pants – ZARA (Gift from Ellen!), Shoes – Emma Cook for Topshop, Bag – Etsy | Thank you Maciek for taking pictures of me!

So it looks like I need to pin a spare Compact Flash also to my panties (alongside phone and oyster card) for situations like today when I ran around town from morning till evening with a camera that weighs as much as a bag of flour and then find the memory card slot empty. I carry my camera everywhere, this should not happen, it’s like putting on your makeup but not having washed your face, WHAT IS THE POINT.
So I bought myself two single use cameras (2-for-1 deal, schweet) from Boots which reminded me of what taking pictures in 1998 was like: 27 precious frames of irreversible light engravements (sometimes 36!), the persistent baffle whether this light setting needs the flash or not…* I do love film photography, but single-use cameras are a whole other species that are like cockroaches that will never go extinct, they’re always there somewhere, lurking with confusing viewfinders and mediocre flash.

*answer: always needs flash unless you’re on the sun, cheap ISO 400 film is an obese fail

Mr. Lamp indeed banished to stairs after unforgivable crime of being too obnoxiously big for my tiny studio flat. Sorry, had to choose between you or stack of shoe boxes. Boxes illuminate too…