Images taken from Hugo Boss blog womenswear fitting post; Graphics by Park & Cube

Just a small shoutout to let you know the Hugo Boss AW12 show will be streamed live on their official blog on January 19, 2012, at 01:30 p.m. (CET); during the show there will be a sweepstake on their Facebook. Despite this being a sponsored post and all (sell-out, who me?), I had a looksie at some of the fitting images on their blog and actually quite looking forward to the show. Clean-cut lines, polished metal and candy colours, sign me up anytime. I’m packing – not to Berlin, sadly – but to Florence once again, so I will be joining in viewing through the hotel’s frail wi-fi connection overlooking the Arno river while chucking breakfast gelato cone at seagulls. Bis bald!

Apologies for the uncharacteristically commercial nature of the post, I’m trying out different sponsored campaign methods and would love to hear your two cents if you had any throw my way. No pun intended. Major credit cards also accepted.