ÖÖ: Was it a Dream? 94 Berwick Street; 14-24 September

I may have butchered the Estonian language with that title, ‘ÖÖ‘ actually translates to night. Isn’t it funny, to me it looks like two wide-open eyes with eyelashes . Then again I accept that Korean might look like wheels and boxes to others: 완전미안… I disgress. Ellen and I were fabric shopping on Berwick street and happened to come across this exhibition – a pop-up concept store named ‘ÖÖ: Was it a Dream?‘, exhibiting work from six nordic countries as part of the Icon Design Trail. I was lured in by that characteristic Nordic ambience – that particular mood which an image of steaming blood on fresh-fallen snow might induce, this unsettling vision amidst a static-calmkind of like a dream. Each piece had that ever-so-slight tilt in the balance of simple vs. minimal that made me feel slightly uneasy, but eventually I had to give in to its charismatic way of expressing so much with so little.