Faux fur gilet, Trench coat – Uniqlo, Dress+Jacket combo – Vintage, Tights – DIY on H&M tights, Shoes – Irregular Choice, Bag - Vintage through Etsy
Thank you Elface for photos!

The other day I had to wait 2 hours in the bitter cold for my darling boyfriend, ok fine it was of my own choosing but don’t we blame the boyfriend for everything. So I wandered from school onto Oxford street and then into Carnaby street – seeing that I was on a shopping ban I don’t know why I chose to take the shopping route when I could’ve let it all swish by above my head by getting into the tube… but I had 2 hours to burn, you see. I was actually looking for the Borders on Oxford Street to get a book to read, but found disappointingly in its place, Next - Men’s Women’s & Children’s Fashion, which if I remember correctly has another branch just 150m down the road. So I proceeded into Carnaby street in search for a bookstore or anything really that doesn’t involve useless shopping, and had to come to a conclusion that Oxford Street & Carnaby Street is by far the most brainless areas ever.

Then it was starting to get colder (why am I rambling?) so I decided to ditch the books and picked a warm looking shop (I can’t explain what a warm-looking-shop is but they generally have sofas… and shoes…) and arbitrarily walked into a particularly colourful store. Now, no offence, but I personally do not like the brand image of Irregular Choice, and most of the times their shoes seem like they’re on crack but at that moment it ticked the sofa + shoes = warmth boxes, so heck yeahhh. There I met these pair, these ACNE Atacoma-esque, even Balenciaga-esque (just to offend someone) wedges but a FUN version. What can I say, my irregular choice of store in my pursuit of warmth got me to my new favourite shoes.

(What, what shopping ban?)

p.s sorry for the über-ramblage.