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Just because I was convinced that the colour was draining out of my life spending all day in a bat-ridden cave I decided to take Ellen’s invitation and crawled out today (AH SUNLIGHT, IT BURRRNS!!). I believe the best thing that brings the colours back to your life is dodging sales assistants in John Lewis while taking covert pictures of, you won’t believe it, fabric. I don’t get why it’s not allowed – what, am I going to use the photos to replicate the art of sorting zippers and ribbons? Or do I look like I don’t have enough of a life to plan a terrorist attack on a floor full of rich housewives? Actually the last bit is quite intriguing. BOOM go the annoying Chihuahuas.

I’m just JOKING for those with any allegiance to John Lewis, rich housewives and the art of ribbon sorting. I would also gladly take the photos down if you wish, just email, and mind your manners please.

With all that said, I love John Lewis, rich housewives and sorting ribbons!