Park Dong Jun

What started out as a parade of borderline generic-Asian dress designs with ribbon belts, when Park’s pattern prints started flowing out in combo with velvet and wool, the collection graduated to a wowza wrap-up. Inspired by Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, Park had illustrated dark romance, playing with a rather ‘passionate’ colour palette of flame-orange, crimson, black and nude – all on a cold forest backdrop. It was like psychedelia on a runway, seeing those silk prints flitter by dragging their blue shadows…

Shin Jang Kyoung

The models looked lethal as they stomped down the glittery runway in their black pleather (as we like to call it) stripper heels and crow’s nest hair. I was amused at the show they put on more than the collection itself (a theme done-too-often, I find), especially at the end when the entire 18-model troop walked up and down, up and down the runway for a good 10 minutes. The collection screamed the usual gothica, femme fatale, feminine domination – but that last act was like a crack of the whip, so effective.