Day 1: Latte and Eggs Royale at the Breakfast Club

Day 2: Cheddar cheese burger, strawberry milkshake and fries at Byron

Day 3: Ribena juice from Mulberry; Olive Capers pasta, latte and Focaccia at Princi; Tea and roadkill Mulberry cupcake

Day 4: Sushi boxset and Blueberry Granola Frozen Yoghurt from Itsu

Day 5: Vegetable dumpling Udon from Itsu (Noodling shot thanks to Kit!)

Day 6: Glamour x Krispy Kreme for Glamour Magazine 10th Anniversary Limited Edition (Photo thanks to Franciepants)

Making out with the doughnut, such a PG rated naughty pic that is.

BAH I give up. For days I’ve been trying to cook up another one of those ‘Special Edits‘ but I’ve got the biggest designer’s block that the Park & Cube bit is starting to make sense. So here’s the food I ate during fashion week, they deserve a bit of attention anyway, the Glamour x Krispy Kreme doughnuts especially. The lovely Abi arranged 4 boxes to be delivered and before it was released for distribution I’d already stuffed my trap with a dozen. I’m going to be so fat  *cue ‘oh no shini you’re not fat‘ comment. **cue ‘oh yes I am, I should’ve had 6 doughnuts, I should go hurt myself now‘ reply.