Jacket & Cashmere scarf – Uniqlo, Sweater – Courtesy of Quiksilver, Jeans – Courtesy of Levi’s Curve ID, Shoes – Zara, Bag – Courtesy of Chanel, Watch – Casio via ASOS #teenvogue

Photos by Yu the 11-year-old again, talent-o-meter raising the roof.

Dear Diary,
I woke up today and had a swig of yesterday’s red bull to start the day fresh. There was a slight whiff of bacon burning in the house, but I think it was the neighbours roasting a pig in their snowcovered lawn again. Weirdest people ever. I shuffled down to the kitchen in my blue teddybear pjs expecting to pass the thumping music from my brother’s room and my mum’s blowdry opera, but there wasn’t a sound. The ventilation in the toilet was humming but where were my mummy and daddy? Where was my brudder? AHHHHHHH!! (wait, I skipped to the part where I put some of my brother’s cologne on…)

Is it just me, or is this always the story of December 27th after the official festivities have died? The noise of the holidays is suddenly zapped, you wake up in the Home Alone movie with everyone else gone to resume their lives and next thing there’s maple syrup and broken glass on the stairs.

Shirt – Vintage (Thru BlackLunaVintage), Top – New Look, Jeans – Courtesy of Levi’s, Shoes – Cutesygirl;
Photo (left) by Levi’s photographer, Above 2 photos by Kit (thank you!)

Event at St Martins Lane Hotel; Propeller Shirt on pic 2 – Kit

I might’ve mentioned sometime in the past that if you don’t hear from me in 5 days you might as well call the nearest morgue and check up on a recently deceased fashion blogger, shoe size 5.8 being the key information to provide for identification. Actually speaking of sizes, it must’ve taken about 15 pairs for me to realise I’m not really a size 5.5 or a 6.
Feels like all I’ve done lately is to find out every personal numbers I memorized had been wrong – bra size, eyesight digits, age… (Realised I’d been telling everyone I was 23 long before I’d even turned 23) Just over a week ago I was invited to preview the new Curve ID collection by Levi’s Jeans and to try out their revolutionary measuring technique. This gangly robot wrapped its tentacles around my shivering naked body and calculated how much of a muffin my butt area was. I kid. A harmless tape measurer-thing determined if I was a Slight Curve, Demi Curve or a Bold Curve, and because I have a wishy-washy butt I was determined a Demi Curve. So turns out I’ve been wearing my jeans too big, go me. The jeans hugged my bottom half so nicely I burst out into rainbow tears.

I moved across town – is the excuse for 10-day-long silence, prepare for post-avalanche!