Not to worry, this is the last of the lot. You must be sick of colourful foreign logos popping up in the right corner – I’m only hoping you will put up with these occasional sponsor flurries with more pardon over fixed advertisements. And who am I trying to kid, these bills ain’t going to pay themselves. (Although, no bill-paying currency was yielded from this specific sponsorship) Glacéau Vitamin Water and Exposure PR were awesome to arrange a front-row seat for the PPQ show, so thank you. I won’t hold a grudge against the PPQ PR who couldn’t find me a seat though, because although I had to wedge at the end of the catwalk I found out it was one of the best locations for shooting…. despite playing ‘how low can you go‘ with the BFC camera above my head…

Glacéau vitaminwater is the official soft drink supplier to London Fashion Week – keeping fashionistas hydrated all week long. Facebook page;

Samsung Wave II, courtesy of Spreading Jam & Samsung

Shots from London Underground, LFW, home, home 2 (Warsaw), Freemasons’ Hall, Next HQ, airport, Topshop… etc

I think the reason I agreed to take part in the Samsung Now Project was predominantly the fact that the Wave II phone spoke Korean – what a novelty it was to be able to type in Korean to my friends (by friends I mean ramen bowls with eyes drawn on)…  later when I read the small print I noticed keywords like facebook, filters and competition… aych, them speedbumps are never visible at first glance. But alas, the only ‘speedbumps’ I let get in my way were my boobs while squeezing under the BFC camera at the PPQ show. For the past 2 months I’ve been putting the Canon to bed early and going out with the Wave II to snap some ‘Now‘ moments. Then I’d come home, jazz it up with a filter equivalent of rabid racoons (Cute in essence, BUT VISUALLY SO WRONG) and putting it up on their Facebook gallery.

I think I was also meant to let you know the submission was open to everyone and 50 winners would have their photo displayed in the Design Museum, and the top 25 were to win handsets… but I think there was some selective reading on my part.  No, this post is just severely delayed, you can see by the fact the amount of time passed for me to have caught shots from the air, from underground, from London, from Warsaw, from a fashion show, from a spaghettihouse… a week more and I would have managed to capture a shot from inside the British embassy in Warsaw. An arrest might’ve been the highlight of the week.

Unfortunately the competition is now closed, sorry :(
Also, bit of an irony that this Samsung Wave II post landed on top of the tsunami post, uncomfortable occasion to find a pun…

Nadia of Froufrouu

Left: Emete of Make Lemonade

Jacket – Monnari, Blouse – Make Lemonade Vintage, DIY Cropped jeans – Zara, Wedges – Velvet Angel via Shopbop, Bag – Vintage

Currently suppressing the urge to take the laptop into the bed and acquaint myself of the art of endurance, but I fear it’ll be like man in stripclub, with wife. I’d forgotten Fashion Week is five days of tightrope-walking, the dismount both pleasing and excruciating and the only applause is from the shoes, sarcastic…slow…claps. They know they’re too damn expensive to THROW IN A BURNING OIL TANK. I will now buy cheaper shoes that can shred my feet and then I’ll express wrath by setting fire to them. Yeah, that sounds like good logic.

Day one was a good start, the wind tasted like winter but there were sunny spells that just lit up the courtyard like an incubator and then the colourful birds started hatching. Don’t you love it how all throughout the year magazines report the latest trend yet during fashion week no one really wears trend? It might just be London, but I didn’t see a herd of sheep(skin jackets) nor a pack of camel(coats) entering the show tent. Best thing about LFW: Overdosing on coffee with the girls and bumming around the courtyard, high on one caffeine cocktail or another, making new friends and shooting* old ones.

*Lined up against a wall, or sometimes just while they talk… candid is best, really.

Thank you Joseph Piper for taking my outfit shots!

Jill and I are covering London Fashion Week for Next this season, check out the Next blog for more coverage!

Ultra Chic Alize of Blog de Tendances

Jen Jen the Style Crusader; Awesome braids.

I remember it was exceptionally rainy on that last day of London Fashion Week, and none of those every-other-hour drizzles that characterizes London’s crap weather, but a steady downpour that lasted pretty much the entire afternoon. Rain or not, I had a fantastic time huddled under the Lavazza truck parasol with a group of new friends, collectively screaming when a bucket of rainwater dropped from the parasol edges, lunging for our cameras with protection of some sort. Thank you Kit, Jen, Jill, Michelle, and Craig of Altamira (briefly) for a wonderful afternoon, some lazy hoard of bloggers did we make, eh?

Well apparently nothing can rain on the LFW parade.

Saturday, 20th February 1:45pm Bloomsbury Ballroom

Bernard Chandran

I did a double take when the models first walked out looking like offsprings of a clown and a geisha. This is probably not new and in fact I feel that a lot of you will agree, but clowns and geishas freak the living daylight out of me. Oh what an irony, yes yes I do remember dubbing the LFW scene a ‘circus’ a few posts below. Although I confess, the makeup did eventually grow on me as the collection streamed out, made up by the extensive use of feathers, because only then the general vibe developed into a fantastic midnight exotic bird parade. The colour palette mainly consisted of charcoal grey with pops of electric blue, purple or yellows; fabric weights ranged from sheer to heavy textured knits. Especially loved the oversized bags and sailor knots with dark coloured ropes, I think it’s time to get in touch with my inner pirate and learn how to knot my victim sweaters…