DIY floral laces: Fasten your shoes, Spring is a-coming!


What you’ll need
Lace-up shoes of any sort – sandals, trainers, ankle boots; patterned bias binding (mine’s from Liberty) OR a long scrap floral fabric (re-purpose an old scarf/PJs or buy new from Liberty) OR classic ribbons, hair pin, scissors


Pull out and the original laces from shoes


Use the laces to measure out the right length from the new fabric.


Cut 1.5inches (or 4cm) wide, and then cut again lengthwise in half – voilà, you have a pair of laces.


Using a hairpin (thinner the better!), slip through a small section of the end and use that to guide the laces through the eyelets.


Weave in the laces zig-zag as you would normally do – with some shoes you’ll find that lacing while wearing them on your feet will make the task easier.


Et voila! And more ideas…


Black heels – Zara. Red heels – Kurt Geiger Magdalena. Fabric & bias binding – Liberty. Photographer: ASSHOLE TRIPOD.

This is an age-old trick in the book but since 1) we’re all in a rut of some sort and 2) it’s clear that Spring is using Apple iOS6 Maps to find Europe and will probably take a cab from Africa around June I thought it might be fun to distract ourselves otherwise. If you’re like me, you’ll remember the joy of yanking out dirty laces from your trainers for a pair of spankin’ clean ones to realize you didn’t actually know how to lace them back in.  Once I got my head around it (at an embarrassing age, I think it was), no strip-looking thing in the house was to survive without having gone through some dirty eyelets on my Adidas originals: broken earphones, retired necklaces, some twines that may or may not have held the mackerel in the kitchen, ethernet cable (back when I knew not the value of being connected to the wall)… let’s just say I’m glad I met my husband in highschool because otherwise I’d now be captain of Weirdo-train until 35.

A few tips:

  • For sandals narrower strips (with edges fraying) tend to look better, while for trainers, wider laces give a more ‘plump’ look. If you have another fabric, weave in two, or three different patterend/textured (think lace trimmings and bobble fringes!) laces into the same shoe for even more full-on effect – Try out the lattice or checkerboard weave if you dare!
  • Cut longer than the original lace so you’ll have extra length to wrap around the ankles a la Alaïa.

Have fun!