Maciej Zień boutique , ul. Mokotowska 57

Not sure what kind of courage beverage I drank in the morning before my breakfast Red Bull but A and I were walking by the Maciej Zień boutique and I caught myself climbing the steps. Usually with my chronic case of boutique-phobia I either need to pick a nail or ten outside the doors before mustering up the courage to push through the heavy doors, or hire a guide dog and a long stick… (This being the reason I’ve never been inside a Chanel boutique, as ironic as that sounds) I guess I know that I don’t belong when my two-month rent is hanging from hangers. Well, if we’re using that conversion method then I guess this boutique is real-estate bonanza. Zień is famous for dressing Polish celebrities; his designs exude an understated elegance, mostly expressed in the choice of fabric and draping methods. Frankly though, I’m a little puzzled by the haute pricing considering how young and domestic the brand is, but who am I to judge?