Jacket & Shoes – H&M, Knit Dress – Market in Vilnius, Jeans – Cut Zara, Striped top - Topshop, Necklace – Courtesy of Mimco

Short film by Mimco, featuring Emma Balfour

Mimco approached me with a proposal to send over a piece from their new collection for me to interpret into a photoshoot, video or a bellydance, as long as it illustrated the theme of the collection – a story from the fluttering pages of a Victorian-age débutante’s diary, an Unpredictable Revolution. Within a fortnight, a jelly-acetate necklace cluttered with slick hardware arrived with a heavy red book. The cynical graphic designer in me couldn’t help but chuckle at the cliché of finding the book dug out and containing an antique key and wax-sealed letter, but the package sure delivered the mood. The brief suggested a few different storyboards that could be elaborated on, and I figured this revolution can start from me so I did my own mish mash of themes: Noir – Castaway – Ritual – Nature – Overload – Kaleido – Reflective

Thank you Ellen for helping me out with the photos!