Just a few things you need:
A piece of cloth so your hands don’t bleed bending the prongs. Pliers, if you have the sort that can do the bending for you, metal ruler, sharp scalpel, white gel pen or pencil, victim shoes (mine’s from Topshop – but you could also get them here.)

Use the ruler, white gel pen or pencil to mark out where you want the studs to be. If you’re into the whole let’s live spontaneously thing, you can skip this step. Make the slits with the scalpel, push the stud in and using your pliers to bend the prongs. I got retarded pliers so I used the metal ruler to bend them.

I got my bag of studs from StudsandSpikes.com but if you don’t live in the US, or do mind postage costs and shipping time. just search for pyramid studs on ebay. These are 1cm (3/8″) – if you really want to hit the Bess way, you could go one size down.