Piece of Cowskin from Spitafields Market, Lace top – COS, Blouse – Silence & Noise

Other than the fact that I had to look up how to use an eyelet puncher to realize I’ve been using a completely wrong tool this DIY should take you roughly 10 minutes. I had a piece of cow skin I bought at Spitafields Market lying around and some broken F21 jewellery. Punched two eyelet holes at the ends, chained it up, took apart the broken jewellery and glued it on using a gluegun. Piece of cake! Or should I say, piece of cow? (ha.ha…)






So a wizard tells me that she’d personally include something organic between the geometric structure and what will I do, disobey the wizard? Pfft, absolutely not. So this is my second attempt, I do realise the rocks look like massive chewed gum in the photos but that was as organic looking as I could go, with the limited choice and all. The irregular shape of the rock made it quite hard to form a geometric structure around it and the weight kept unbalancing the whole damn thing – in the end I came out with something completely different from what I’d planned. So again, mucho respect to jewellery makers, you guys rock; no pun intended.