Creamy cashmere by Eric Bompard

The 1AM Promenade

Cashmere Coat & Scarf – On loan from Eric Bompard, Cashmere blend jumper – Uniqlo, Jeans – c/o Levi’s, Brogues – Office, Clutch – c/o Chanel

If I used ‘soft‘ to describe cashmere, would that put me in the Humour, lack-thereof category in Bloglovin’? You see, ‘soft’ really doesn’t cut it when describing the furry ball of rainbow scrunched up in your hand, slippery and foamy all at the same time. Soft is for sentences like ‘Baby here’s your Gilette, the enchanted forest must go, I liked your legs soft and smooth’. Best not put me in a game show, I don’t stand a chance in explaining the fabric without using words like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious or MAGIC. Isn’t everything MAGIC when it’s sparkly and furry anyway. What’s a Paris visit without a visit to Eric Bompard, the one brand that is understood to have reached the prime shelves of practically every Parisian’s wardrobe?  You should’ve seen this one black 100% cashmere poloneck that would’ve banished every piece but a pair of grey skinnies and black stilettos from my mood-rail for the rest of the season… Lorraine kindly let me borrow a coat and scarf for the night as I’d underpacked for the weather, which probably was a very big mistake – not the underpacking – the getting an unintended taste of the… MAGIC, and having to give it back. See me go my precious with a coat.

Thank you Lorraine & Gabriel for the invitation, and Carrie for helping with the shots!

Purple shirt & shirt as skirt, black sheer dress – Warsaw secondhand shop (all for £5, love it), Brogues – Office, Coat – Anywho x Kobra, Warrior Bag – WWA courtesy of The Olive Shoppe; Thank you Oliwia for helping with shots!

I’ve officially hit the back wall of my mother’s wardrobe – managed to find a nest of badgers back there but now this means I have nothing else to steal, and it’s been long since the original contents of my suitcase have been used and abused. Oliwia and I dropped by one of those second-hand stores where they sell clothes by the weight, after basically sifting through ‘history of trash and trend’, managed to score these shirts and two other items for a grand total of £6. Dig at polyester dump by day, live vicariously window surfing dresses and jackets by night, why naturally. Funny, I arrived in Warsaw late February with half a suitcase thinking I’d be here a week, two weeks tops. Then things deteriorated at the visa end and now I’m entering my 7th week… had someone told me beforehand I’d have brought a colouring book or something. The visa is out now (hot line thank you’s to the Big Man), so I’ll be returning to London in May.

Still some time to vote for mama here! (London region kiss) (Thank you so much x)

Coat – Anywho x Kobra, Shirt & Navy Bag – Courtesy of Stylesofia, Cargo Boyfriend-fit Pants – Courtesy of Uniqlo, Furry Bag – ASOS, Necklace – Ek Thongprasert courtesy of Olive Shoppe, Shoes – Office, Scarf – Scottish Highlands store

I call that the CSI find piece of nail clipping amidst a huge field of branches that eventually solves homicide and identifies an illegitimate child that happens to be the son of the protagonist pose. Quick, bring me some magnifying glasses, there’s an ant. (TO LOOK AT, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING, you horrible person) Something about the weather today made it feel like we’re going Benjamin Button on the seasons, these shots could easily be from late autumn. Here’s the second instalment of Uniqlooks with boyfriend-fit chino trousers, the ones where on Charlize Theron they reach just above her ankle but on me they require a gang of bridesmaids and pageboys to shuffle the train on each leg. Or just a mop.

On another note, look what my necklace can do!

Thank you to Yoo Kyung & Eun Hye (the 11 year-olds) for these shots!

Leather coat - Massimo Dutti (gift from mummy), Dress – borrowed from LiLee (Intelligent PR), Leggings – Flik Hall, Shoes – Office, Bag – Courtesy of Chanel, Polkadot shirt – MotelRocks; Flowers picked up at Meadham Kirchhoff

Thank you Kit for the photos! LFW Day 5; 22/02/2011;

Dear reader,

I understand, a few months ago I said sorry about not having enough DIYs and for letting this blog run wild. So I understand that when there’s so much of this LFW/events thing and none of the DIY, you might feel disappointed. Let me clear a few things and update you on why you might find this blog now ‘boring’ and untrue to what I am. I have just recently graduated, unemployed and doing my best to sustain for myself. This blog is not run on cookies and pencil shavings, there are hosting & maintenance fees that are not low. Have you ever wondered what it costs not to have an ad?  This was a decision I made mostly for the reader’s sake, for your viewing pleasure. As an unemployed, I frankly do not have resources to go out and buy DIY materials. Those chains that get sewn onto victim trousers? – I don’t find them in skips. And contrary to what you might think, I don’t get paid for writing this blog, I might get free clothes but since when do we survive on polyester fibre? Instead, I’ve tried my best at sharing quality content, which means splitting time to personally experience the things I share with  you so that it’s not the same magazine clipping you saw a few seconds ago somewhere else.

It just hurts me to think all this effort spent simply boils down to boring. You’re entitled to your opinion and I appreciate that, but this is mine. DIY, sure – it’ll come back once I find stable ground, albeit slowly, but for now I’m just trying to deliver as best as I can with the resources that I have. Hope you understand.

CSM BA Fashion Design Group project; Black heels by Office; FDM – Hester Kitchen, Victoria Kwong; Fashion Print – Catherine Gertner, Paula Kim; Fashion Knit – Hye Sun Choi, Gyu Won Do , FCP – Marcella Saads, Derek Ho;

Don’t look at me, I have no idea how I ended up ‘modelling’ (used in the loosest form possible – if I’m a model, a pillow would be one too) either – clearly Gyu was desperate. Remember Gyu, the CSM knitwear student I visited in June? Time flies! I’ve known her since before Foundation and now this is her collaboration project in her Second Year (with BA Fashion Communication, BA Fashion Print & BA Fashion Design students). The inspiration for the pieces was the myriad that is the CSM Charing Cross campus, and a story of a new girl getting lost. This girl, Ariadne, finds a red thread that leads her to a mysterious room and ends up living there for the rest of her life. The ‘red thread’ refers to the colour of the corridor floors. The patterns and prints are based on photomanipulated images of the room (actually exists apparently), notably the carpet, and the ‘face’ of Ariadne.

Usually I find that students’ garments incredibly fragile but the knit, print, and panelling skills on the four outfits were impeccable – sophisticated enough to go straight to market. Being around the team through the fitting, photoshoots, last alterations and the line-up at the final crit I really really got to experience how much work goes into a collection, not to mention team tension and shared responsibilities… They basically created a brand – tags, website, press release, packaging…the whole shebang… in about 5 weeks. Now I want to study again, this time properly.

Disclaimer: there is no mad old lady, living in a room in the CSM Charing Cross building.