New to the family: COS bracelet, Wooden form bracelet I found at a market in Warsaw, geek glasses!

Images hereon from The Vamoose

Images from The Vamoose

I’m drunk. Well, on fatigue that is. So just a quickie before I end up waking up on my desk in the morning with the mouse usb plug up my nostrils.

Meet The Vamoose, one of my favourite blogs. You all know I don’t usually do this feature-a-stranger thing here because I’m selfish and yaddi yadda, but because some of you seem to have had enough of me (thank you for such civilized comments btw anonymous) I’m going to direct you to Kathryn‘s, aka Queen of Pompoms‘. If my DIYs satisfy you to some extent, her work will make you full to the brim. Don’t be mistaken though, everything she makes is a product of extensive research and inspiration juggling. I personally like to sit here with my mouth open and oogle at how cleverly the inspiration photos are juxtaposed and presented; and her handiwork is delicious, no? Had to get myself the knot-bracelet off her etsy store, yes thankfully she sells some of her handmade jewellery!