Hat – Gmarket, Sweater coat & jeans – Zara, Striped top & bag – Topshop, Grey cardigan – Uniqlo, Boots – Dr Martens | Thanks to Emily for taking shots of me!

Congratulations you made it down all the way here, have a Gatorade for your fingers.

I had a fantastic Saturday with new friends I met through the blog, Jackie and Emily, thanks you guys for coming out on a cold day! We ploughed through the market as a trio of cheapasses, gasping and gurgling at £60 necklaces and poking at £30 porcelain finger dolls, photographing like it pooped currency. This one seller actually muttered stupid photographer behind my back so I whipped around with violence and thanked her for calling me a photographer, PEOPLE THINK I’M A PHOTOGRAPHER woohoo! No, I didn’t thank the rude woman, we moved on to get £0.50 bag of Haribos for lunch.

Next time you’re in Portobello be sure to check out the Burrito stand near Portobello Green, donkey-licious! (burrito…obviously does not contain donkey meat)