Sweatshirt – Uniqlo Menswear, Jeans, Scarf & Shoes – Gmarket, Bracelet – COS, Watch – Timex, Bag on bike – New Look, Bag on self – DIY on vintage; Vintage Raleigh

Big big apologies for not answering comments and emails in a timely fashion, and for this general slowassness with blogging; it’s May unfortunately and I’m a student… need I say more? Although, I do know for a fact that more than half of you are also here on a procrastination mission of some sort, in which case I must welcome you with open arms. As I told Satpreet a few days ago, I procrastinate-blogwrite and you probably procrastinate-blogsurf – and since we’re ending up at the same location anyway (here?), how about a party? but BYOB please.

OK enough with justifying eachothers’ work not being done; here’s a slap, let’s get back to it.

Thank you Jen the Style Crusader for taking these photos!