Behind the scenes at the YSL Rouge Volupté Shine mini-photoshoot


Waring: Sweater – Quiksilver. Skirt – Alexander McQueen. Shoes - ASOS.

ParknCube_YSLRVS_04 copy

Shade: 3 Violet INcognito



Shade: 3 Violet INcognito









This was back when I was in Paris for a night in celebration of a particularly silky and sensual YSL lipstick range called Rouge Volupté Shine – a small photoshoot was organized for a select few bloggers and each of us were assigned colours and themes from the collection to represent. You would think that after years of pouting with a bottle of mouthwash in one hand, delivering catchphrases like Jennifer Love Hewitt to the mirror while your brother bangs on the bathroom door (who eventually resorts to peeing in a bush in the garden) would prepare you at all for situations such a these. Well no, apparently my face hits a 404 error at Lights, camera, action! and it forgets how to blink… or just malfunctions altogether. The morning of the shoot I’d rejoiced when I found one of my lipsticks to be called INcognito, which I thought meant I could basically do what I do best and hide behind a curtain of hair, or maybe even just a thick curtain, but as it was deep violet in colour and also one of the darkest shade in the range I was directed to act like a surprised vampy spy caught in the act, face twitching or not. So all-in-all, I must say I have newfound respect for models in beauty campaigns, and also find myself very snug in the pro-photoshop side of things.

A huge thank you to YSL Beauty & Ykone for a wonderful day and an eye-opening experience!