Photos taken during LFW AW’10 Ashish show, Hair strips from shop in Seven Sisters

I remember coming out of the Ashish show in February wondering how the hair was done like that, and 6 months later on Monday I ran into the answer in Seven Sisters. Now, Seven Sisters is not a boutique or an edgy hair salon, it’s a neighbourhood in zone 3 of London, an area I swear never to set foot in again.
Never have I been insulted like that in the space of 10 minutes – threatened to call the police, and literally shoved away from a storefront. What did I do? I took a photo of the shopfront, with my LOMO camera no less, because I thought it was interesting – rows and rows of old wigs. This man stormed out, fuming at the nose and foaming at the mouth, snatched away my camera and demanded me to delete the photo. Not sure what part of This is a toy-like film camera that I use for FUN he didn’t understand, or why he even has a public window display, but he went on to threaten to call the police. So I told him to go ahead call the police, I could do with a second pair of furrowed brows. SERIOUSLY? This guy thinks I took a spy pic to of his wig display? Funniest direct quote ever: “These people are so tricky, she shut the damn camera so the photo can’t be deleted.” Facepalm.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble. The hair strips (real hair!) were a steal for £2.50 each, all it needs is to be sewn into a tiny poppy hair clip for use!