Favourites from Miss Panda at YesStyle

Yellow fly-front Long Jacket

Cable-knit vest, Chiffon blouse, Dolman Sleeve Cardigan, Knitted dress, Shirred Long Skirt

Single-button boyfriend Jacket

Cable-knit sweater, Belted Trench Coat, Mustard knit dress

Linen Long Jacket

Miss Panda at YesStyle

Frustratingly when it comes to ye old Asian shopping sites the experience can be described in one word, millefeuille. Very literally at that, as I peel back pages chock-full of frills, chiffon and generally cute ‘fluff’ like girly frocks and sequined cardigans… then something more ‘edgy’, shall we say, glistens in the corner and that’d be a successful session. Gosh golly, to think if I’d channel that kind of dedication elsewhere perhaps I’d have achieved something for mankind, like auto-dispensing cheese machine? I apologize, world, for my inadequate use of time. Anyhow, the needle-in-haystack hunt in YesStyle is thankfully a little less wearisome as they do seem to tailor to a slightly different audience, and boy does the stationery section tickles the 10 year old in me. Usually I tend to avoid basic pieces that I could get for much cheaper in the UK, but the styling (*cough*pretty model*cough*) of a particular mustard coloured knit-dress caught my eye, and that’s how I stumbled upon Miss Panda. Slouchy wine-coloured cable-knit sweater, slinky peach trench-coat, boyfriend blazers… all solid basics that I’ve been reserving space in the wardrobe for, in one shop! Safe to say I won’t be shopping for the next few months.