I had to check out the Sketchbook Magazine pop-up store in Carnaby Street before it reached its final pages at its location in Carnaby Street. It had caused a media frenzy with various events that were packed into 3 weeks, and had I been in London I would’ve brought my duvet over and settled down in the corner just to be at each of the events. When I followed Kit down to their basement the other day, what I saw were rooms that were like sketchbooks, spilled out onto walls and floors – paper mobiles, collages, paintings and murals… what a burrow of wonderland it was down there. It’s such a pity I’d missed literally everything that was scheduled (and everyone, including a talk by my darling bubble Susie), but I’m sure keeping an eye out for a next time. Who knows, maybe next time they’ll organize a paper festival for all they seemed to be capable of!