DIY Studded top: Revamp a plain corset-top!


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Just a quick one today. I forgot that when you come back home mum knocks off a couple of years off your age and you’re suddenly 13 years old, getting scolded for not being home before 7pm. I was driving a car when I got that text message from her. Yes mum, I’ll come straight home, it’s a dangerous world out there, someone might mug my windshield wipers on my way back. Ah CLOWN MONSTER IN THE BACK SEAT!

Revamped an old corset from Morgan. It was bedazzled before, but I thought I could use the bling somewhere else so I detatched everything and studded it. Nothing special. Next step is to grow boobage to hold the damn thing up – will not help the fact that my body age (chesticular, in particular) (hey that rhymes!) is 13 now.