Photo from Oliwka’s blog, Variacje

Handheld Felt bags by Joanna Figurniak, 160zl (~£33) each

‘Stretch Me’ half-moon bags by marzArt, 150zl (~£32) each

Eco-leather satchel-bags by Raramodo, 125zl (~£26) each

Braided Jersey by Cado Accessories 70zl (~£14) each

Under ‘Rings’ Category – Prices all under £45 (crazy)

All images from, except first.

Just a quickie again because my tutor is calling me in at a very inhumane hour (10:30am, OK maybe not that inhumane) and I need to hit the fluffbox. Thanks to sweet Oliwka of Variacje my wallet is officially bulimic, I visited her blog today and that grey felt bag was the first thing I noticed from her smashin’ outfit, and unfortunately there was a shop link and a decent pricetag. Unfortunately, I find out also do international shipping, and they take Paypal. UNFORTUNATELY.

The place is like the Polish equivalent of etsy, except treasures seem easier to find. Hey, not speaking Polish is not an excuse, this is the Google translate era! Also, don’t come asking me to be responsible for the money you spend there, although I’m obviously planning to do that to Oliwia. :)